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Who is Roman Empress Theodora?

Roman Empress Theodora; 1.Jüstinyen's, is equally known by Nika riots. Theodore, sexuality by some Roman historians and seen as a symbol of passion; as...

Roman Emperor Constantine the Great

Roman history "big" 1.Konstant the only emperor who referred to by the title, the fate of the city in the city of Istanbul has...

Who is Perez Hilton? Life and Biography

Mario Armando Lavandеira, Jr. Or morе commonly known as Pеrеz Hilton (born March 23, 1978, Miami, Florida, USA), blog writеr and tеlеvision cеlеbrity. Thе blog...

The Roman Emperor 1.Jüstiny

1.Jüstiny the Roman Emperor (Justinian); Nike uprising, Hagia Sophia Church, referred to by Roman law and the Justinian plague. 527 - working in 565...


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