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Face Yoga with Dirinler Possess a skin

Face Yoga with Dirinler Possess a skin



Aging can not be stopped during this time of course, but it is possible to have a vigorous and youthful skin. Because of pressure you apply to your face with your fingers you will provide both accelerated and blood flow to the tightening of the area you massage.

During the application period varies from person to person, time reduction of wrinkles in the skin. This time is related to the working speed of metabolism.

Movement should be done in the mirror

Movements should be done in the face of absolute mirror. Begin with the forehead above the face of yoga. This is because the nervous system caused by the presence as concentrated in this region.

Taken: Apply massage from the bottom up in the middle of your forehead and press too middle fingers of both hands. several times repeated the act is sufficient.

Eye area: is located around the eye muscles are weak structure in this region is more difficult to repair wrinkles. Movements in these regions it is possible to also fix a minimum duration of 6 months when you apply. To reduce the wrinkles around the eye is called the goose foot with thumb and forefinger of the most effective ways is to look at your eyes open and your head facing the other way. This method of applying light pressure with your finger on the application of the region must not be neglected.

Kas Kas especially when we come to the eyebrows with the right and left hands are closed to low-brow and firmly pressed up properly removed. Then the eyebrows frowning expected a condition for a while.

Cheek zone: muscle in this area is to mobilize the methods applied to balloon inflation. The balloon is inflated by 3-4 times cheek muscles would be strengthened.

Lips: a pencil in your mouth for curling of the lips is enough work to turn aside. at the same time you have fixed lower cheek and jowl in the region with this method.

Movement is very important to implement a symmetrical manner

The most important thing you need to pay attention to the process of implementing this action is to implement in a symmetrical manner. In this way, the recovery would have done that if one side of your face hanging out the other side and an asymmetrical image occurs. It has applied pressure during the massage should not be too severe and pressure should be applied uniformly in all regions. When you apply this motion 3-4 times a day change will be noticed in a few months.

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