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Information about the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru

Information about the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru



On the 2nd day in Cusco we are heading towards Machu Picchu, the main reason for coming to Peru. We have to stay at 04: 30 to catch the train to get off at 06:40 in the morning. Our train journey, which will take about 4 hours, begins at the train station near Cusco. The station is full of tourists like ours. The train windows are very spacious and some of the ceilings are made of glass so you can enjoy the view. We pass between the right-left fields and the small villages. The mountains of Andes that appear in the future make a very nice view with the snow and the clouds in the hills. After a pleasant journey with coffee, tea and small refreshments we arrive at the Aquas Calientes station.
From here we arrive at Machu Picchu with a short bus ride going through the mountains.

Information about the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Pichu is a mysterious city built at an altitude of about 2450 meters above sea level, between the tropical Amazon Amazon rain forests and the Andes mountains. Perhaps the most impressive settlement of the Inca Empire at this height.
It is important to note that while the Inca Emperor Pachacutec was questioning the reason for the difficulty of building a city for 1,000 people to live in, the Inca Emperors were also regarded as half-God and Son of the Sun at the same time.
The location of Pachacutec’s palace Machu Picchu in the sky was specifically chosen to bring the Emperor closer to God. The city was built at a very difficult time; It was founded on a mountain slope at an altitude of 2450 m, covered with forest, with almost no flat area, located in an earthquake zone. He stood up for 600 years despite heavy rain, wind and landslides.
It is believed that Pachacutec lived here between 1438-1472.

Information about the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru

54 years after the famous Inca Emperor Pachacutec, the founder of the Great Inca Empire, explorer Cristof Colomb travels through a small harbor in Spain to explore the New World. By exploring the American continents, adventurers and invaders open the gates of this place. The Spaniards under the command of Francisco Pizarro destroy the Pachacutec empire, the firearms never seen before by the Inca, the soldiers of the horsemen, and the Flower disease that this land has never known.
When the inaugural empire settles down, this once livable city, where at least 1,000 people live, is abandoned and deleted from its history for about 500 years.
The Inca have removed the roads and gates to Machu Picchu to protect and preserve the city. As the region became very rainy, the plants growing in a short time covered the whole city and the Spaniards could not find it.
It was discovered in 1911 by the American Professor Hiram Bingham and became one of the world’s most important archaeological discoveries.

Information about the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Pichu, built during the most glorious periods of the Inca Empire, could have been inhabited for less than 100 years.
Machu Pichu, which has been on the Unesco World Heritage list since 1983, is considered one of the most important and impressive archaeological sites of the World.
Approximately 2000 people visited the area each day, and from 2007 onwards, it is on the World’s 7 Wonders List.
This helps historians to learn about Inca civilization. Inkan language Ketchu (Ketschua) has no alphabet and written language. For this reason, there was no written history of Incas. It is not possible to reach definite and clear information because the history of ─░nka is passed verbally from generation to generation.

The ancient city was built between Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu. Machu Pichhu stands for the Old Mountain in the language of the Incas. The name of the ancient city comes from here. Huayna (Wayna) Picchu means young mountain.
If you have the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu, we definitely recommend you to stay in Aquascalientes or the Sanctuary Lodge at the entrance to the Ancient City and spend more than 1 day here.
Before heading off the road, we stop at the Tinkuy Buffet Restaurant at Sanctuary Lodge for lunch. On our return journey, a mini fashion show is being built in the train to sell sweaters, cardigans and various clothes made from Alpaca wool. Our group of friends are wearing very elegant clothes after a hard bargain.

Information about the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru

Accommodation in Machu Picchu

Sanctuary Lodge: The hotel is operated by the Orient Express, which attracts attention due to its location at the entrance of Machu Picchu and is quite comfortable compared to Aquas Calientes. Sanctuary lodge website
Aquas Calientes accommodation is available.
You can stay in Cusco.
Information about Incas

The Inca Kingdom, founded by Manco Capac in the 12th century, was transformed into an empire by Pachacutec in 1438. The largest empire of South America, including Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, as well as part of Chile and Argentina, entered a period of decline in the 16th century. The Spanish, led by Francisco Pizarro to Peru in 1532, destroyed the Inca Empire. The main reason for this was the massacres committed by the Spaniards, the power wars in the empire, and flower disease that had never been seen in South America.

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