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Live the Spa Enjoy your home

Live the Spa Enjoy your home



The body regions most wrinkled lower arms and legs are back. Why it is not enough to open the pores, and moisturize while.

That is the reason they want to take a spa treatment for women at least a month. Spa made application to the whole body and really taken care of visible results. You do not necessarily need to go to a beauty center for spa treatments. You can make yourself at home spa treatments. How Does?

smooth skin with seaweed

1 handful of seaweed in a bowl of pure sheep. Put 1 cup water and bring to the mix the clay with creamy water. Apply this mixture you have prepared your body and stretching to wrap all of the above. After waiting half an hour, take a shower. Both organic and healthy, this method opens the pores, skin breathe and slow down the aging process is the most important.

The steps of the home spa treatments

one. first determine if you feel comfortable at home for a day spa. You can choose to work a day in your weekend or if you are working. So when you apply for spa treatments it will bother you and will divide should not be any obstacles.

2nd. Create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for yourself in your home spa. Fonda get your favorite music and tighten your favorite fragrance into the room. Light scented candles burning creates a good ambiance.

3. Wear comfortable clothes and slippers, put plenty of soft towels where your hand can reach.

4. Take cucumber slices and mint leaves into a jug of water and water for the day along. This is very good next to your body’s fluid needs. Mint dull skin fight the best. Cucumbers improve the health of your skin as a source of vitamins A and C respectively.

5. Prepare a water bath at about 28 degrees, and enter into the water in the bath for 15 minutes. Hot bath water is relaxing and stimulates circulation in your skin. It also helps to open the pores of your water vapor off the skin.

Add your favorite bath salt into your bath water and essential oil. Lavender for a soothing effect, you can use chamomile and jasmine product. For the energizing mint, eucalyptus and rosemary-based products you can use. Use loofah squash inside if to throw the dead skin cells from your body.

6. and that was in the bathroom to clean the skin pores on your face to open your pores clean hot water still lean toward the top. bending over to get a towel over your head. The hot water vapor This will clear the pores on your face. If your face is very sensitive to this kind of hot steam application, you can do it.

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