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Mausoleum Of Halikarnassus

Mausoleum Of Halikarnassus



Greece and Egypt architecture Gastronomi, seven wonders of the World is considered to be one of the Mausoleum, a fabulous mausoleum.

353 BC Mausolus of Caria who died in King’s name, was built by his wife and sister. Today, the name “Halicarnassus”, during the “Basement” known as settlement, this monument was built, the size is quite large and is designed as a giant. All the great features of this structure very similar to the monumental tombs, the mausoleum.

The characteristic features of the Greek architecture of the colon, and Egypt’s important features of the architecture of the pyramid roof structure, all come together in this mausoleum. Two different cultures affected, the mausoleum has made more sense.┬áToday this area is visited if it is seen that the relevant place open air museum. Located on the left side of the field long, the mausoleum of baking. Still, in this chapter, several drawings and models.┬áThe mausoleum, base size is 32 meters long, 38 meters. Currently in the field were examined, 105 meters in size, very wide 242.5 meters of a field built the mausoleum is clad in the Northeast.

Mausoleum Of Halikarnassus

The mausoleum, a total of four parts. His mausoleum, 36 pieces of ion column. The mausoleum, one of the most glamorous parts of 24 digits occurring pyramid roof and imposing statue located on top of the roof. This statue, car found in Richard and his wife have four horse pulling the carriage with the silhouette. Mausoleum, about 55 meters high. The Museum’s exhibition hall, according to these characteristics.┬áThe architect of the mausoleum, and creators, and is considered the names of Satyros Pytheos. Of these names, as well as the construction of the mausoleum and its surrounding some statues, as contributions from different artists.

The mausoleum, the Carian King Mausolos flour began to be made. The construction of works in the year 355 BC, after the death of the King, his wife and her sister by. If, after the event of the death of his wife and sister, brother of Mausolus was taking over. His mausoleum, about 1500 years, remains standing.

It was the last of the mausoleum as 12. Shows to be seen with the full version in the 21st century. For instance, a major earthquake destroyed this work, 1400s was used as a stone quarry and built the mausoleum of Bodrum Castle. Mozoleden they left, in 1494 was destroyed by the Knights, from a Basement. How they destroyed the statue of La, one journeyed back Touret, they found their possessions, pyramid roof tiles, statues and reliefs of 12 digits, under eye-catcher, how all these historical artifacts, we have written their memoirs.

Mausoleum Of Halikarnassus

in 1846, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom with permission from Abd├╝lmecid in Bodrum Castle located on the walls, in fact all reliefs, belonging to London mausoleum. All images on display at the site today, it’s actually a very simple copies of plaster. at the end of 1856 and 1857, excavations, carried out all the works of the dig, reliefs, statues of Richard and his wife, and other important parts, and the British Museum.


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