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Munich What Included?

Munich What Included?



Munich, the capital of the province of Bavaria, Germany, and is also the largest city. Located in the North of the Bavarian Alps Munich, Germany from Berlin and Hamburg’s largest of the 3. City. In the Centre of Munich, approximately 1.5 million people can be built. In addition, the number of people living in the city of Munich, is around 5.6 million. City to the Romans also hosted the world is considered to be one of the oldest settlements.

Munich, capital of Bavaria since 1506. It has hosted many civilizations Munich, Germany, is one of the most important industrial centers. Located on the outskirts of this German city of the Alps, among the world’s most livable cities. The region’s climate, 13 August 2003, measured in terms of the region with the highest temperature value is a record 37C. The minimum value is 12 February 1929-19.6 C.

Munich What Included?  Germany and German races for every period of history is of a great importance in Munich, the most important trade city in the Middle Ages was regarded as one of the. Surviving medieval and taken the process of extending Munich, Germany’s most important strategic centre always has been regarded as one of the. In this sense, is also a key manufacturing center of Nazi Germany is supplying raw material to result Munich, it is considered among the important place i┼členildi─či. Many car company located in Munich, as in a car manufacturing factory has produced many war machine during the war. The Bayerische Motor Werke or better known as the birthplace of BMW Munich, Germany’s automobile industry is among the most important 4 city.

Munich What Included?  The Germans in the second world war was an important stronghold of Munich, has been almost razed to the ground after the war. in 1945, ending World War II, and then again after the construction of the city, quite a nice architecture was restored. until the 1990s, was the most important city in Western Germany with Hamburg of the Munich, Germany after the unification of East and West even more important, has become an industrial center. Munich, Germany’s economic and political power always have been regarded as one of the city. So much so that the Germans in Munich “Heimliche Haupstadt” so yak─▒┼čt─▒rm─▒┼člard─▒r the name of the capital city.

After the war, renewed Munich, in 1972, has hosted the summer Olympics. However, where an Israeli attack aimed at athletes, the summer Olympics Pall. Munich, Germany has a gate opening to Central and Eastern Europe. Many Turkish and Balkan worker, trains and other cities of Munich are scattered in Germany here.

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