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Pizza Interesting History

Pizza Interesting History



Today, pizza is seen as an easy and quick dishes. Four of cheese, tomato and cheese on, vegetables, roast tavuklu no longer be the birth or the many varieties of pizza pastırmalı up to the wonder is how? Now coming up to our doorstep, this delicacy once be ordered by phone have a life with simple justification. a dough and putting Italy on tomatoes and cheese pizza made for centuries been the food of the poor. At that time, in order to saturate the abdomen rather than get ready for dinner. 

“Pizza” refers to the 10. century are found in a Latin text. This means that the pizza is actually not a flavor emerged to date! This ancient and beautiful food, on Italy’s request in 2009, the brand has become as traditional delicacies by the European Union. Pizza is referred to America after Italy. The reason for workers to go there with the migration of pizza culture, and is now making the sale as fast. It is popular in America in October every year with different varieties of “Pizza Month” is celebrated.

Now, with almost anywhere in the world and the homeland of the consumed pizza in Naples, Italy. The most basic form of thin dough is fermented on top of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

pizza is enlivened by an interesting historical event after a very long time consumed in this way. Queen Margherita pizza from one day like to cook. But they do not know to cook the pizza because the pizza is considered the food of the poor until that day! Therefore ordered Espesito right next to the palace. white colors of the Italian flag, red and green, on top of the pizza mozeralla finds life with tomato and basil. Queen, ask for the name of the pizza master craftsmen to say what the excitement is surprised and tells the queen’s name!

Pizza Interesting History
Queen Margherita Pizza

Here Pizza Margherita such nature! pizza with writing thank you letters to the queen of pizza master after day after day becomes more famous. Over time the world sees more demand for pizza by the slice begin to be sold spread to every corner there are a thousand varieties. But if you want to taste the original and you should choose the path drops Margherita Napoli.

A reminder! If you have a chance of dealing with cutlery day eating pizza in Italy, if you try to eat this way to fold an Italian pizza slices come show you how you can say you’ve eaten pizza and other kinds of damage.

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