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Six Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bruises

Six Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bruises



Most of us complain that under eye bruises, unfortunately the people around us, ‘You’re sick’ cause we encounter questions. Dark circles under the eye causes you tired and exhausted and showing consideration the proposals will be treated under the bruises we share with you.

The most common cause of bruises custody are investigated in 3 different ways. These allergies, runny nose and have studied genetic olmad─▒r.bun and other reasons in detail.

Allergies: cosmetic allergies, food allergies or allergies to substances such as detergents in the formation of dark circles in custody in the environment made allergic condition and cause them to be evident. So they need to be careful that people with allergies.

Nasal Discharge: swelling in the nose and nasal congestion results in the formation of blood vessels between the eyelid detention is cause bruises. Another reason for any meat or bone growth in the nose and trigger the custody of bruises.

Vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition: vitamin deficiency also occurs in detention bruises. Especially B, C, and vitamin E deficiency increases.

dehydration of the body

Smoking: the amount of oxygen reaching the body decreases when smoking

Hormones and Insomnia

In general, we state the reasons for the detention of bruises. If you complained you were detained from the bruises, to get rid of bruises from custody by applying the following suggestions.

Do not hold your hours of sleep in sufficient quantity.

A balanced and healthy diet.

They are nice to your eyes and rub hard way to avoid tan.

reduce alcohol and salt consumption.

Do not wash the face with extremely hot water.

Stop smoking or decrease.

Get an adequate amount of water to the body.

This proposal as well, you can get rid of the bruise from custody with a simple cure that you can prepare at home.

If one eye is in custody under the bruises or at very high levels, you should consult a physician if there is a bruise.

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