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Sunburn Drug Coconut Oil

Sunburn Drug Coconut Oil



On hot summer days, outside, long time spent at the pool and the sea can lead to sunburn. Experts in the treatment of burns is famous with moisturizing coconut oil is recommended.

Vitamin E has skin that configure the Content

see serious skin damage further increase in the hot summer days of the harmful effects of sunlight. Such cases occur sunburn on the skin. Experts recommend herbal blends that can be done at home against burns.

One of them is coconut oil. It is packed with skin nourishing fatty acids, it plays an excellent natural moisturizer serve to reduce the symptoms of sunburn. Vitamin E is found in coconut oil has the property to reduce inflammation caused by sunburn.

Coconut oil is enough to light massage application to part with sunburn. Despite these recommendations, especially in the afternoon, you still pull from exposure to direct sunlight.

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