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That the name America Explorers: Amerigo Vespucci

That the name America Explorers: Amerigo Vespucci



Christopher Columbus; Discovered America did not learn that in his trips, he thought that it has reached an island off India. That’s why he could not and did not know the name of this continent. Columbus 5 years after seyehai that India still makes the discovery of this continent in the name of Italian sailors Spain and found that there is a separate continent from India.

It finds that the continent and sailor name “Amerigo Vespucci”, respectively. Vespucci was born in Florence in 1451 opened the eyes of year. exactly 47 years old at the time was that India presumptive sail the ship to the west. As shipping in the period in which Vespucci had Spanish and Portuguese were very preliminary.

That’s why he is Italian Vespucci, working on behalf of Spanish and searching for new lands, “Ojeda” I was doing a business partnership with a Spanish named.┬áVespucci ships in 1497 and 1499 continued to scan the coast of South America and had spent time there. He spent time in the bay where the Venezuela today. Venice had little meaning here also gave the name of Venezuela. Things are about discovery and keep the reports and writes Amerigo was sent to Spain.

That the name America Explorers: Amerigo Vespucci  Vespucci, in its latest report that it has nothing to do with this place and this place of India and only stated that a new continent. This report was met with great interest into the hands of Spain, and this interest has spread all over Europe. These discoveries have continued until 1503. South and Central America’s many places in ke┼čfettiler.1507 unknown by anyone in a geography book published in Germany, the German geographer this new continent, the man understands that continent discovered and this place India that gave the Amerigo Vespucci’s name.

Terra America so America soil. This name was adopted in a book published later. Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus gave a name to the continent, but can not give the name of the previously discovered. He died in 1512 after this important discovery.

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