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The List of Same Language Speaking Countries

The List of Same Language Speaking Countries



People who speak the same language form the basis of the so-called “nation”. Because language is a tool that conveys emotion and thought to human beings, it frees human communities from being a mass or mass, turning them into a society of “feelings and thoughts”, a “nation.”

ÔÖŽ In a country where we do not know the language, millions of people around us are feeling alone.

Here is the List of the Countries That Speak the Same Language

  1. English: USA, UK, Wales, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Nigeria, New Zealand, etc.
  2. Russian: Russia, ex-USSR countries, Belarus
  3. German: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  4. French: France, Algeria – Belgium – Canada and many African countries
  5. Spanish: Spain and almost all south and central america,
  6. Argentina – Peru – Paraguay – Colombia
  7. Portuguese: Portugal and Brazil
  8. Italian: Andorra – Vatican – Italy
  9. Arabic: Syria – Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Oman – Libya – Egypt – Palestine – Iraq
  10. Persian: Afghanistan – Iran
  11. Chinese: China – Hong Kong – Laos
  12. Albanian: Kosovo – Albania
  13. Romanian: Romania and Moldova
  14. Turkish Speakers: Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Greek Cypriot Administration
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