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Touristic Places in Alanya, Historical and Touristic Places of Alanya

Touristic Places in Alanya, Historical and Touristic Places of Alanya



Alanya Castle is the most important touristic place of the city. It is the only one made by the Seljuk dynasty in the world. It contains many historical works such as palaces, glass and sarcophagi. A medieval castle with three rows, 83 towers and 140 bastards takes a rocky cliff at an altitude of 250 meters to the Mediterranean Sea. Today, the building is used as an open air museum.

K─▒z─▒lkule is located in Alanya harbor. The construction of the building started in the period of Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat I and was completed in 1226. The Sultan brought the successful architect Ebu Ali Reha from Syria to Aleppo to complete the building. Take the tower’s name from the red brick.

The ruins of Syedra are an excellent opportunity to explore the ruins of a Roman customer built in the 3rd century BC. There are still various mosaics, columns, three swimming pools which are used as a drinking water reservoir, and magnificent arches.


The shipyard was dynasty built by Seljuks in 1228. The arched five-dimensional shipyard’s face facing the sea is 56.5 meters and 44 meters deep.

The Hidirlik Tower served as a sea lighthouse for the ships.

Ancient Cities

At Leartis Learty you can visit the ancient ruins that have protected the baths, the wells, the churches, the amphitheater and the columns.

Karaburun is a small coastal town near the ancient Dzastiniano town ruins. It can always be done very easily here. Karaburun’s way is in Alarahan.

Old Town and Kasra Baths are places to visit Alanya. Tourists visit the narrow streets of the city and examine Kasra baths. In Anatolian art, frescoes bearing human pictures were used for the first time in the decoration of this dome. Damlata┼č Cave and Ethnography Museum are finally important.

Aital is a port city famous for its extremely beautiful preserved castle, ancient streets, baths and various sarcophagi.

The S├╝leymaniye Mosque was built in 1231 by Seljuk Sultan Sulejman Al├óeddin Keykubat just outside of ─░├žkale and being built in the city. In the 16th century, however, the mosque was destroyed in the following years and was reconstructed by Kanuni Sultan S├╝leyman during the Ottoman period. The single-minaret mosque is known as Alaeddin, Kale or S├╝leymaniye. The building is made of rubble stones and has a square shape.

There is a brick dome on an octagonal skeleton. Five small cubes are placed on the Task Part as a saddle for the dome to provide acoustic properties. This quality is the history of prayer, the open space is under the three street cobbles that stand on four feet. Doors and windows, beautiful examples of Ottoman carving art.

Andless Mosque is in Tophane. The name of the mosque, which is the area of ÔÇőÔÇőthe pine tree next to it, was built by Emir Bedr├╝ddin in 1275. The architecture features unique to the Seljuk period. There is a minaret that is made of cut stone and is not high. Minbari, Seljuk mound is one of the most beautiful examples of carving art. The mosque is entered from a door below the Red Tower minaret, with an interesting view of the balcony at the end.


Alara Palace is located 35 km from Alanya, close to the Alara River. Alara Palace is an architectural complex built in 1232 by Alaeddin Keykubat. Kervan Museum, mosque, church, water supply and baths.

Sharavsin Caravanserai is located 15 km from Alanya. It was built by the son of Alaeddin Keykubat in the 13th century.

Damlata┼č Cave was found in 1948 when working at the port. There were stunning stalactites and stalagmites of 15,000 years in every way. Since then the cave has been under protection and many studies have been done. Damlata┼č Cave is famous with its natural beauty and at the same time it heals people with asthma. If you have such a discomfort, remember to visit Damlata┼č Cave when you come to Alanya.

Touristic Places in Alanya, Historical and Touristic Places of Alanya

The Dim Cave is a natural formation with stalactites and stalactites offering a magnificent view to the trek. There is a small salty lake in the middle.

This is a well-known place as a haven among local hunters. It was opened in 1998 and is the second largest known cave.

K─▒zlar Cave and Phosphorus Cave are ancient sea caves with a rich history. According to the legend, the pirates hid the girls they kidnapped in the Girls’ Cave. The name of Phosphorous Cave is derived from extraordinary light effects.


There are four museums in Alanya. These are Archeology Museum, Ethnography Museum, City Castle Museum and Atat├╝rk House Museum. All of the museums are connected to the Alanya Museum Directorate and are visited with fee. Lunch is open every day of the week except for the bridal parties.

The most valuable work of Alanya is the Heracles sculpture exhibited at the Archeology Museum. K─▒z─▒lkule was organized as Ethnography Museum. Alaeddin Keykubat’s re-establishing the city in the 13th century, his palace was built by ─░├žkale today and is open to visitors.


Alana beaches consist of large beaches and have blue flags. Blue Flag is an international application that determines sea water cleanliness and beach standards. The Blue Flag is given to beaches that match these features and will last for a year.

In Alanya the color of the sea turns turquoise blue. It is possible to see the fish in the depths of the sea in calm weather. It is common for fish to circulate around your feet.

Touristic Places in Alanya, Historical and Touristic Places of Alanya

Beaches of Cleopatra and Damlata┼č with very nice coats are located in the west while Keykubat and Portakal beaches are in the east. Apart from the city there are Alara, T├╝rkler, Konakli, Tosmur, Mahmutlar and many other beaches.

Cleopatra Beach is famous for its different sand. According to the legend, the Egyptian Princess brought this land from the land of sand. Kum believed in healing and refreshing properties.

There are a few rules on the beach. Plaja can only enter with swimsuit. No other clothing, shoes or towels are allowed. If you have sand on your skin, you can not get into the sea or get out of the beach. You need to shower first. Beach attendants follow the rules that must be followed.

Sports Events

There are many international competitions in Alanya such as triathlon, mountain bike, beach volleyball, handball.

There are annual mountain bike races organized by the City Council and the Bicycle Racing Federation of Turkey.

Another famous contest known as the Alanya triathlon is held every October. The contest includes three elements: swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon will be broadcast on the Eurosport television channel. Volleyball, basketball, water polo, tennis, mountain bike …. all these sports are waiting for you!

Walks and Trips

The Yacht Cruise is a relaxing and enjoyable trip through the magnificent western coasts of Antalya. You will have a chance to visit the caves where the real pirates lived. The excursion starts from the ancient tower walls and goes up to Cleopatra Beach. A charming and sunny beach with extraordinary sand.

At ─░ncekum Bay, lunch and swimming are given. If you are lucky, you can see the accompanying dolphins!

Beautiful foothills and stunning landscapes will allow you to forget your everyday problems and have a wonderful day.

Dim Çayı There are many restaurants along the river where you can eat and enjoy the magnificent view.

Sapadere Canyon It is possible to visit the Sapadere canyon which cuts the breath without the climbing equipments. It is enough to pass Demirta┼č through mountain roads with curves and cliffs. The Serde River in this region is built in July and there is only enough water for the upper countryside. In Sapadere, water flows all year round and in the dry season this water is directed to the villagers. You can reach the water from the staircase on the side and enjoy the refreshing water. We are talking about a real rejuvenation here, because the water temperature reaches the highest 12 ┬░ C in the hottest season of the year (0 ┬░ C). At the end of a 600-meter walk you will come to the most attractive point: swimming in the waterfall is still possible here. The various small waterfalls, rare plants, small animals and birds you will see on your visit will captivate you.

Touristic Places in Alanya, Historical and Touristic Places of Alanya

The Jeep Safari is a journey full of adventures against spectacular scenery.

Rafting is a challenging outdoor activity using an inflatable boat in a river or similar water stream. This sport is usually done in challenging waters at different ranks to excite passengers.

Quadrocycle Safari Traveling in this way will give you the opportunity to get to know the wonderful nature and the life of the local people. You can fall into the coolness of the mountain river, or you can simply take a picture of the fascinating landscapes.

Yacht Tour in the Manavgat River This trip will take you to the impressive valley of Manavgat, famous for its waterfalls.

During our journey you will enjoy spectacular landscapes and beauties. The waterfalls are not high, but they hit the white water rocks strongly.

A relaxing yacht tour is waiting for you! You will visit the places where the rivers meet the sea, eat fabulous food on the boat, and even swim in the river during the break. We give unforgettable impressions and a joyful mood!

Aqua Park Water Planet is located in Okudzalar, 30 km from Alanya. There are 23 different slides in various sizes and suitable for all ages and tastes. Here you can find the long “Lazy River” and very high “Kamikaze” or mysterious “Black Hole” slides. With all this, we guarantee as much entertainment as the seas!

Alanya Aqua Park is the best place for all family members. You can spend the whole day here, swimming in different pools, savoring slides and eating in various bars and restaurants, or just sunbathing.

Diving In Turkey, this activity is very popular among tourists today, and it is not surprising that such a beautiful climate with bright sun and mild weather is considered. Diving is not only a way to enjoy unforgettable moments and to have a good time, it also offers the opportunity to meet interesting people and convert dive activities to annual meetings with good friends.

Millions of colorful fish, shining sun, excellent sand and magnificent landscapes meet tourists.

Dolphinarium is located 18 km from Alanya. You will have unforgettable moments with dolphins and seal fishes with your kids! Moreover, after the show you can swim with dolphins, take pictures and eat something in the cafe.

Kayak resort Sakl─▒kent is located 45 km from Antalya and 60 km from the airport. The resort is open from November to May. Sakl─▒kent gives you the chance to ski and swim on the same day.

The small town of Sakl─▒kent is located within the borders of the city of Mugla in the western part of Alanya. You can use Palamut road from the south, Fethiye-Kemer road to Sakl─▒kent from the north.

The National Park was taken under protection in 1996 and the Sakl─▒kent Canyon, 1000 meters high, is important as a wild natural beauty.

Places to be seen outside Alanya

Pamukkale is a natural formation in the province of Denizli in the south west of Turkey and is located 30 minutes from Denizli and 5 hours from Antalya. In the city there are travertines, which are terraces composed of carbon minerals left by hot water sources and running water. In the past, people could walk on these terraces, but today it is forbidden to walk on them and tourists can follow the path and follow the scenery. Pamukkale is a very long time tourist center. It has been recognized as a World Heritage Site with Hierapolis. Hierapolis-Pamukkale is a World Heritage Site since 1988.

Touristic Places in Alanya, Historical and Touristic Places of Alanya

Hierapolis is located in southwest Turkey, near Denizli, near Pamukkale. The first constructions date back to the 2nd century BC. The city itself was built by Eumen II in 190 BC. The name Hierapolis means “holy city”. Hot water springs were used as hot springs and they were very famous among the Roman aristocracy. Philip, the Christian apostle, spent the last years of his life here. In AD 80, Philip was executed with the crucifixion and was buried in Hierapolis. The city was later ruled by the Byzantine Empire and later passed on to Turkey. However, in 1534 a strong earthquake devastated Hierapolis completely.
The Cappadocia region in Central Anatolia is located 1000 meters above sea level on the Anatolian Plateau. Beneath the Cappadocia region is sedimentary rocks and ignimbrite deposits that formed in the lakes and currents of the last volcanic eruptions about 7 million years ago. Later exposure of soft volcanic deposits to erosion and air by the influence of rain, sun, snow and winds led to the creation of a surprising natural phenomenon – different mountains, strange hill valleys, and sometimes strange shaped rocks, When you see cones, pyramids, stone columns and much more, you think you are in a magic country, out of children’s cartoons and dreams. “Hat mushrooms” are particularly popular and have become a symbol of Cappadocia. Cappadocia is sometimes called the “forgotten world” or “the land of the moonlands”, but unlike these different and deserted landscapes, Cappadocia has always attracted the attention of people. There are many places in Cappadocia such as Fair Bums, Goreme Valley National Park and rock churches, Kaymakli, Derinkuyu or ├ľzkonak cities underground, Zelve Valley and Pa┼čaba─č, ceramics and carpets, and Avanos, U├žhisar rock castle, Ortahisar rock castle, ├ťrg├╝p There are places. We may continue to describe this wonderful place, but you will not believe it!


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