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What Abadan City, where it is, what are its characteristics?

What Abadan City, where it is, what are its characteristics?



The official population of the year 2006 217.988 people and measured as 48 061 households, Southwestern Iran’s Karun and Satir tülarap delta-established on the island of the same name, a city of Abadan, Abadan Shahristani managed by central government. Şattülarap’ at sea in the Persian Gulf’s coastal city of Abadan in the 53 km includes parts of Isfahan is located in the southwestern part of the approximately 402 km away.

The owner of Largest Oil Refinery
The world’s in this city it seems to function almost as an oil export port, which has one of the largest oil refineries. In this city that reaches the source of the oil pipeline from Iran also has one of the largest oil refining plant. Naft Bald, Gacha Sara and Agar as Daria connected by pipes to the oil city of Abadan, also teknlojo also incorporates the institute.

With Abadan City History

Estimated founded in 1047 in Abadan, in 1908 began to receive first oil refinery on the site with no. Thus, as it has been recognized in a small town. Abadan in Iran, one of the busiest ports in the Now, the Ottoman Empire was a constant topic of discussion with Iran. However, with the Treaty of Erzurum made in 1847, it left Iran. 18 million tons of crude oil processed in the past years, this city has suffered great harm to the start of the Iran-Iraq war and caused the biggest oil pollution in the Persian Gulf date.

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