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When is the longest Day/night of the year 2017?

When is the longest Day/night of the year 2017?



What date is the longest night?

The 21st of December, the so-called “winter solstice”, in which the rays of the sun fall vertically into the rotation of Capricorn, is called the longest night of the year. The boundaries of the line of enlightenment between the sun and the earth pass through the poles, generally in the north and south poles, whichever is within the circle of enlightenment. After this date the days in the northern hemisphere extend and the days in the southern hemisphere begin to shorten.

When the residents of December 21 arrived on December 21, At the Arctic Circle, it happens 24 hours a night. On the same date, it happens in the daytime in the South Police Department. In Turkey, this is the longest day in Hatay and the longest night in Sinop.

The Other Day Transitions

March 21: This day equals 12 hours day and night. (Spring is the beginning for us.)

June 21: The longest day and the longest night are experienced on this date. (Summer starts for us.)

September 23: This date is equalized by 12 hours day and night again. (Fall is the beginning for us.)

December 21: Winter is the beginning for us because of the reasons we just explained.

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