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10 magnificent castle that Turkey Owned

10 magnificent castle that Turkey Owned



Many battles have occurred in the past to the present territory of Turkey. Both order management, as well as many castles were built in order to avoid the war. Overall, there are many large and small provinces must castles. This castle reflect the city’s history.

Present also available ruined castle which is quite robust despite the many castles reach. numerous castles made with the restoration work has reached the original image. People turned into a symbol of the city by visiting historic castles are feeling the texture. as should the power indicator of the Ottoman Empire, numerous castles built from both strategic angle is attracting the attention of foreign tourists. castles built on the highest ground in the city because they have positioned strategically. Flip around the castle was reinforced with large walls.

In recent years, research has proven to be a secret compartment of the many castles. Both the dungeons, castles as well as execution of room and visited with great interest by the city folk. Let us examine together the most remarkable ones of the castle today is the symbol of every city.

Gaziantep Castle

10 magnificent castle that Turkey Owned  Gaziantep Castle is located in the middle of the city is located high on a hill. From wherever you are in the city, it is possible that you can see the castle. What is not known exactly where the Gaziantep Castle. high hill where the castle has approximately six thousand years old. BC around the Castle 2. and 3. Thebe was located in the city of the century. The castle is actually made during archaeological excavations determined that it was built as a watchtower. Gaziantep Castle developed later, gained into today.

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle is situated in Antalya. This castle is approximately the height of 250 meters. Castle was built as the sea zero. The reason is optionally protected against any danger from the sea. The length of the high walls of the fortress, built approximately is 6.5 kilometers. Alanya Castle is regarded as one of the fortress nowadays desirable tourist trips. castle attracts the attention of many tourists, has become a symbol of Alanya.

Ankara Castle

10 magnificent castle that Turkey Owned  Ankara Castle was built as a watchtower. At that time, it was a very important fortress by the Byzantine and Roman kingdoms. Ankara Castle passed into the hands of the Seljuks in 1071. Ankara Kale has been seen throughout history is very important and many wars have occurred to the castle.

In 1101 the Crusaders even though they take the castle, the castle again in 1327 Seljuk State has received at the hands of the Crusaders. Ankara Castle is located in located in Mamak Altındağ district boundaries. Castle attracts considerable interest from tourists. Castle transportation, on foot are provided. The castle is located in one of Ankara’s highest peak. Castle began to be a newly restored environment.

Besides the transportation challenges around the castle, squalid houses in the surrounding area also undermines the beauty of the castle. environmental factors covering all the beauty of the castle, has recently begun to be fixed. surroundings of the castle will be cleaned completely after approximately 5 years. It made necessary care and beautification of the Ankara Castle. Ankara Castle is a fortress Turkey will fit into the capital, awaits the visitor.

Girls Castle

Maiden Tower in the Tarsus district of Mersin, rare in Turkey, is among the few castles. The castle is situated in the middle of the sea. Therefore, you are required to go swimming or to the castle, or you must use the boat. Castle sees a great interest especially in the summer. The castle dates back to the fourth century BC. Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk many civilizations, Girls dominated the Castle for many years.

Muğla Marmaris Castle

According to several studies made castle began to be made in the fourth century before Christ. Marmaris Castle was used as an important trade center for the states living in Anatolia. If this fortress is used in commercial terms from today.

Sahmeran – Snake Castle

The Ceyhan district of Adana, which is approximately 15 kilometers away from the people Sahmeran Castle is also known as Snake Castle. The world-famous legend which Sahmeran legend, is known as the capital. Sahmeran Castle, entered the 12th century Crusader rule. The Crusaders, after receiving the castle was moved to a high hill. Sahmeran Castle transportation is very difficult. To get to the castle, you need to progress from the narrow path. Transportation is performed only on foot. Therefore, it is better to visit the castle of young people. Local people are making great efforts to improve transportation. The older people come to the castle, it is almost impossible. Therefore, a relief operation is done now for Sahmeran Castle. Castle with improvements to be made easier when nearest transportation will be provided.

Urfa Castle

Sanliurfa is located in Urfa Castle is today faced with intense interest of tourists. The reason for the intense interest in seeing that the castle, Prophet Abraham’s time the castle is rumored to be discarded. There are world-famous Lake Fish around the castle. The castle is spread over a wide area. large front and rear moat around the castle walls are available. One of the reasons for this increased interest in seeing the castle, the castle carved a path to the mountain by Fish Lake, it is due to be held in a confidential manner. How to do this and there is no secret way to reduce people to marvel at how much information about the completion of a period of time. Various rumors are also abundant suggestion, according to his description of historians failed to reach a clear information.

Black Castle

10 magnificent castle that Turkey Owned  Black Castle, built on a hill in Afyon on this hill 226 meters high and has attracted attention by being featured volcanic. According to several accounts, from the ground up in the construction of the castle was no stone removal. The stones in the construction of the castle, which was obtained by giving way to rock hill. Black Castle was built so. The spread of this rumor, further increased interest in the castle. In addition, Black Castle, today has been subject to many songs.


Babakale, it is known as the last stronghold of the Ottoman Empire. Babakale is located in Çanakkale province. numerous describes various stories and rumors about the castle. But she could not see the expected interest Babakale and reached today unfortunately ruined in a way. Today, many work for the restoration of the castle may be carried out, this work could not be started, literally. So Babakale is still waiting to be repaired.

Selcuk Castle

Selçuk Castle is Turkey’s most popular tourist welcomes castle. numerous baths around the castle, there are mosques and monuments. Selcuk Castle, located around the Virgin Mary, Seven Sleepers, Ephesus, Belevi, Smurf village and witnessed history, there are many centers like Kuşadası. many activities are held during the day at the castle of tourists that flock. To reflect the history of the region carried out activities in entertainment are organized. Wearing local dress of the people of the town from the fortress, they keep alive the history of the castle. area of ​​interest to tourists provide a great support from the people and the material terms of management.

We have listed for you Turkey’s 10 most visited castle. Castles to siege throughout history have resisted several attacks and conquests. Many in the tuts face collapse today, we reflect on the history of surviving in its pure form. Today, many castles did not see the expected interest. Improper restoration work done well because of the manager and the city advertise these fortresses, castles, many unknown and undiscovered by humans are available. There are many stories of the castle, which made our country. Bodrum Castle, is now known as the castle was the most influx of visitors. Access to the Bodrum Castle, which attracts the attention of tourists. doing our best to advertise the castle is important is to convey our beautiful people. Our castle with the right information to the attention better than expected, and will reflect the history of our country.

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