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10 practical suggestions for eye makeup beauty

10 practical suggestions for eye makeup beauty



be prepared as soon as possible with practical beauty advice office, to school, you can go to dinner. In particular, this will be very helpful to those who love the eye makeup beauty secrets!

  1. After scanning your lashes with mascara to your lashes clean mascara brush.
  2. If your eyebrow into shape; Try scanning clean with a toothbrush.
  3. To reuse a dry mascara soak in hot water in a sealed manner.
  4. Browse with a brown mascara for your eyebrows look smooth.
  5. If you do not have time to get your eyebrows Out you can pass from the top with a brown eyebrow pencil can create and recovered.
  6. Just paint your eyes with a dark shadow and mascara to make a night with plenty of makeup.
  7. Apply the bottom upward to show more voluminous mascara to your lashes.
  8. Because your eyes follow the bottom white eyeliner to show bigger.
  9. If you want the beam to be more persistent follow with a damp brush.
  10. If you want your eyelashes appear more dense, pull a black pencil on the upper lash line.

Bonus beauty advice: Get dry the excess with a tissue after applying the lipstick you want to appear dull.

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