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12 Recommendations for protection from Headache

12 Recommendations for protection from Headache



12 method to avoid the headaches we search for you.
Negatively affect our quality of life and society, from the most frequently seen tension-type headache is actually possible to protect both preventive medicine as well as making arrangements with their daily living habits.

Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. To avoid the headache Yavuz Aylin Ozturk explained the measures we need to take our life habits.

Get Rest
Excessive exercise or rest, especially the need to prevent headaches due to fatigue. By regulating the circulation of blood to all organs and in particular shows the protective effect of pain by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain.

Drink plenty of water
Water, it shows a protective effect because it provides the balance of the headache by facilitating blood circulation and minerals essential electrolytes. Therefore bring into 2 liters of water each day drinking habit. In addition, heavy alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake also triggers the headaches. They restrict the intake facilitates the removal of pain relieving agents of the bloodstream.

Stay away from stress
Everyday life functions and triggers the depression complicates headache and psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders that require expert consult a physician. However, especially in times of stress you’re under intense day perhaps simply planning to organize or extend your own free time during the day, can also work to avoid headaches.

Cold / hot application structure
Hot or cold application, especially a method that can be applied to loosen tense muscles in tension-type headache. Received a warm towel or a cloth-wrapped ice molds, placing it in the neck with a temporal duration keep it that way. Then repeat the same process 3 times 20 minutes apart.

Benefit from relaxation therapy
Relax say, is not to reach the seat in front of TV. Relaxation therapies that are not normally in our lives, but they can see the many benefits of showing a variety of techniques to learn effort. Deep breathing, yoga, relaxation therapies, such as acupuncture and behavioral therapy are increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. In this way, they are effective in preventing headaches. You can choose which suits you from this therapy.

What do you sleep less, nor get more
Sleep is the most important process for the body to repair itself and re-configuration. Therefore, lack of sleep is a trigger for all kinds of pain. Regular basis and allow us to sleep at the same time as the brain biyoritmi task is realized in an appropriate manner. Calışmalar reports of 1-3 nights would be enough to trigger pain reduction than 1-3 hours of sleep. Your pre-sleep habits and sleep environment plays an important role in determining the quality of sleep. Your sleep patterns; to less sleep an average of 6 hours per day for an adult, which the body needs, and edit as not to exceed the 10 hours. So many of you waking up at the same time at the same time without sleep late will show a protective effect of pain.

Pay attention to your posture
Especially proper posture can help reduce the pain by taking the tension of the muscles. Standing backwards and upwards while pushing your shoulders, you can ensure that your posture by pulling the inner thigh muscles and abdomen. Sitting also take care not to bend forward toward your head and not your body upright.

A massage
Massage and stress, as well as a highly effective method in reducing muscle tension. To avoid the headache especially beneficial to have a massage to the neck and shoulder muscles.

Do not smoke
Smoking should smell, as well as blood circulation and pain caused by changes in the body triggers the headaches because it contains toxic chemicals stimulus. Stop for a moment before your unhealthy habit if you smoke.

Exercise regularly
Exercise allows the release of the happiness hormone, regulates blood circulation and relaxes muscles. These features indicate a protective effect from headaches thanks. 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes walk easy on your body, take care to sports such as jogging.

Do not skip meals
types of imported food is very, skipping meals can trigger headaches in other words, prolonged fasting. Therefore, do not neglect eating 5-6 meals a day with meals.

Received a warm shower
A warm shower can protect the headaches by relaxing the muscles. if too hot or cold shower effect can increase the blood circulation negatively affected by headaches.

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