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15 people living on the Mysterious Island

15 people living on the Mysterious Island



There are many islands in the world. islands surrounded by oceans today are attracting people’s attention with mysterious. Tales, uninhabited islands are the subject many times in stories and novels, has deprived the people because of the low standard of living.

In the past the island used for many purposes, today is only the subject of scientific research. Mankind in the past because of the curiosity, the largest study to attempt to explore the world. exploring undiscovered islands in the world, she was asked to establish new habitats.

However, it is not expected. The newly discovered islands, does not meet the present-day living conditions. The islands’ vegetation and geographical characteristics were not associated with the people’s wishes and desires. In some islands in the world no vegetation is absent, some islands are surrounded by the cliffs. Therefore, to settle the people’s candidate only discovers, has caused great sadness.

people targeting the expansion of living space, could not catch the expected standards. Today, the number is hardly undiscovered island. With a variety of features that have in the islands, it has been the subject of scientific research only to human beings. precious metals found on the island and the people who benefit from a variety of sources, has abandoned the island wilderness.

Ang Thong Islands

15 people living on the Mysterious Island  Green tropical island covered with limestone and transportation are provided with boats. Thailand located in Ang Thong Islands for adventure lovers, has a unique beauty and mystery. The island is not visited as a guide to where in the national park. Candidates are organized several boat tours.

Jaco Island

Clean and bright waters of the island, located in the Timor. The island is a national park has found itself a place in the list. There are no structures on the island of mankind. The island daily boat tours are conducted. Because the island is located in the National Park boundary, it is made in escorted tours guide. The clean waters of the tourist island has been a major factor for its withdrawal.

Aldabra Island

The island is the world’s second largest coral atoll. The island also is home to about 100 thousand turtles. Located in the most remote corners of the Indian Ocean island’s Seyşey, it is known for the purity of their natural habitat. He scored many actions to protect the island of environmentalists demonstrated how much longing as proof that mankind’s natural beauty. various projects which will be held on the island has led to making people’s actions.

Phoenix Islands

Kiribati in the South Pacific Ocean 1,000 kilometers away from the Phoenix Islands, located in the world’s most protected marine conservation area. Many species live in the Phoenix Islands. People to protect those living on the island, is to make certain activities and actions.

Tetepare Island

When we examine in detail the history of the island, it has lived on the island if the past few village communities. 19. reasons century for unknown reasons, has abandoned all the people on the island of Tetepare island. descendants of those who leave the island alive today, and they made a great effort with action and activity has made to protect the island.

Devon Island

15 people living on the Mysterious Island  Whether Devon Island is located in the North Pole, in the past people have survived. However, there is no longer anyone living on the island today. When we examine the history of the island, where we reach the knowledge of the fur trade. Despite the absence of anyone to continue living on the island, NASA astronauts are trained in this area. people on the island who today uses for educational purposes only candidate.

Clipperton Island

The island is located in the north of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. a large area of ​​the island is approximately 2 meters above sea level. The island is a atold. the island is known as one of the world’s most isolated island belongs to the French.

Surtsey Island

The island was formed in 1960 by a volcanic eruption. Surtsey island, is located in Iceland. draws attention to the island’s men know, we are under constant scrutiny. The reason for scientists to research candidates, many types of fungi living in the island, is the survival of migratory birds and plants.

Henderson Island

Island life is almost impossible. The presence of steep cliffs and bumps on the island, prevents people living on the island. On the island there is a clean water supply. animals found in the island, the island’s inability to continue their lives elsewhere is proof that a unique feature. There is a rich source of phosphate on the island.

Howland Island

15 people living on the Mysterious Island  There is a great ocean island’s north and center of the Equator. There are no artificial or natural harbor in the island. Therefore, a candidate for transportation can be provided only by boats. The island is closed to the entry of locals and tourists. A candidate with a special permit issued by the United States only take scientists and educators.

Navassa Island

The island is located in the Caribbean Sea. 1850 in the United States have temporarily a fertilizer company has embraced the island and began to remove the phosphate island. The island was completely abandoned in 1898. Today, there are no people living on the island. The island has a strategic location. fully depleted phosphate minerals on the island, has determined the fate of the island. The island is today a deserted wilderness.

Gough Island

Islands of the United Kingdom are currently under management. Today, no human being living on the island. The sea around the island is protected. island for sea birds, has an important position. The island has a volcanic nature, it has led to a variety of research by many scientists to be the subject. The island is the weather of South Africa has an important place for future prediction.

Clipperton Island

There are no islands are located in France on a settlement. Located in the island uninhabited islands list, too many tourists are unlikely today.

South Orkney Islands

Island was discovered in 1821. Two large and occurred for many small islands. The presence of many reefs in the island, was a major obstacle for people to live in. On the island there is little vegetation and animals.

Kerguelen Islands

It is located south of the Indian Ocean. On the island of seabirds, seals and many wild cats were brought by sailors are available. In general, the islands are spread over an area of ​​grassland. The island is almost impossible to find a tree. Today the island is uninhabited. The island is very cold and people have been undersized vegetation away from the island.

If we glance at the islands we have examined, people left the island with specific resources gained from the islands were completely abandoned wilderness. The islands are not suitable for human survival, just try and become a place where scientific research. were placed under the protection of plant and animal species living on the island, it is ensured that times the island’s property. Nowadays, a lot of tourists go on day trips to the islands, the island’s geographical features, to capture an opportunity to see many creatures living in the natural beauty of the place and the island.

However, it is not possible to visit every candidate. This is why sometimes the negative conditions of the island, which is sometimes due to the permission of the management of the island is connected. Some of the islands today has become the training center. When we look in detail to the period in which new discoveries in ancient times, it is planned to establish new settlements on many islands. However, due to circumstances that have brought the island also keşfedils day, it could not be used as living space.

Many islands in the world, has been abandoned to its fate by the administrator. Several non-governmental organizations and environmentalists have organized several demonstrations and activities to intervene in this case. silence of some islands, has deteriorated due to the actions carried out. Each day held a new island with actions, are attracting more tourists than ever before.

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