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15 Questions and Answers About Botox

15 Questions and Answers About Botox



1-How much will it take ?

The duration of Botox application is 10-15 minutes on average.

2-Is it harmful?

Botox administration can also be done to anyone without a disease, such as myasthenia gravis, which will prevent Botox application.

3-Once I have it done, do I have to do it again?

One of the best advantages of botox application is that you will only wait when you do not like the effect because you will be completely original. However, you will like botox effect so voluntarily you will want to repeat it.

4-Are they used for aesthetic purposes only?

Botox is not used for aesthetic purposes only. It can also be used to reduce muscle strength, especially in patients who are born spastic.

5-Can it only be done to raise eyebrows?

Botox application can also be done specifically for eyebrow removal and the results are quite successful.

6-Can it be done with lip filler?

Botox application can be done with a lip filler if the patient asks for it and if it is in need of examination findings.

7-How long is the average duration of action?

The duration of action of Botox application ranges from 4 to 8 months and the average duration of action is 6 months. Individual differences are rarely encountered situations.

8-How is the dosage to be injected adjusted?

One of the biggest mistakes made in Botox practice is that everyone applies the same dose and same dose. If we want to be successful in botox application and want to obtain natural result, we need to determine application points and botox dose according to muscle power.

9-Do botox in young people?

According to the examination findings of the patient botox application should be decided. If a very young patient is using excessive mimic muscles, botox application should be performed on that patient. If we wait for the progress of the age, the deep lines of the patient can not be solved even with botox.

10-What is Hollywood Botox?

Hollywood botox is an expression that emphasizes the particularity of the process. With botox practice, you need to completely block your mimic movements when destroying your lines, you must still be able to move your eyebrows and have a dull, confused expression. So you will botox, your lines will disappear, but you will be able to do all your mimic movements; This is Hollywood Botox.

11-Is everybody in Hollywood Botox done?

Everyone in Hollywood botox is made and 99% nobody can understand that you have botox.

12-What is the difference between holywod botox and classic botox?

If you mean routine botox practice as classical botox, you lose all your mimics in classical botox practice and almost everyone understands that you are botoxed. In Hollywood botox, the result comes out with all the naturalness, and you will be the focus of your beauty and youth.

13-Is it worth doing?

It’s worth a hundred bucks to get botox.

14-Is it obvious?

The consequences of Botox application are virtually indisputable because they are natural.

15-Can Botox be made into a single wrinkle, like two eyebrows?

Botox application is basically performed with the goal of removing two eyebrows, a goose leg and eyebrows. This can be done in all areas as well as individual zones as needed.

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