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16 Category: Best Android Apps

16 Category: Best Android Apps



best Android apps of 2016. In this article I will share with you my choice. When creating the list in both applications use my own I took into consideration the Google Play Store statistics. If you have an Android phone, you can add great features to your phone with the following applications. My article, best android virus program, laucher best android, best android navigation, will explain the various features of the application under title I have chosen for you as best android keyboard application.

Recommendation: If you do not know what kind of applications you install on your phone or the best in the category where you’re wondering what the writing Android apps I recommend that you read from beginning to end.

Best Android Virus Program

(Android 360 Security – Antivirus Boost Download)

360 Security – Antivirus Boost program has a number in the Google Play Store to download more than 100 million. In addition, as more than 13 million of 4.6 out of 5 user rating result with a high average of 360 points per Security program is among the best Android virus programs can say.

16 Category: Best Android Apps
360 Security – Antivirus Boost; summit is also included in the list of best Android virus programs.

360 Security – Antivirus Boost application; telephone acceleration, telephone cleaning, there are 3 main categories as antivirus scanning. The acceleration of the phone, the phone ramie when finalizing your application using unnecessary, cleaning up unnecessary files on your phone in the cleaning section. (Temporary system files, cached unnecessary files, cache record V. S.) I use the phone (Galaxy S6 Edge), I made my first screening in the size of 3GB cleaning junk files.

In the Antivirus section, scanning application is installed on your phone and files are made to detect malicious software.

360 Security – Antivirus Boost favorite feature in the application, the application lock. With this feature, you can make Android app encryption process.

16 Category: Best Android Apps
360 Security Antivirus Boost

As you can see in the above 360 ​​Security menu, Applications tab after clicking Lock your phone messaging, it turns out to be a list of priority applications like gallery. Applications are prompted to enter a password after clicking lock eat or pattern. Later on, when you open the app from your phone prompts you to enter the password that you create. Thus, the access of the people in your environment to your special photo or message is not possible.

Except the above features of the 360 ​​Security application, Phone Finder, Application Manager, also it has sections such as call barring. In case your phone is lost finding applications in the phone when you synchronize with your Google account, you can lock your phone remotely, you can ring the alarm and can delete your private data.

All these features can download the 360 ​​free with the Security application on your phone. virus virus programs as the best android phone I’m using my 360 Security.

Best Android Launcher

(Download Android Action Launcher)

Action Launcher is downloaded on more than 1 million and 55 thousand voting (average rating of 4.1 out of 5) with a candidate to be the best Android launcher application.

I’ve been using the Samsung TouchWiz interface, which was developed as a launcher on my phone. However, those who want to try a different launcher or phone in the launcher Action Launcher users with insufficient I would recommend.

16 Category: Best Android Apps
Action Launcher, Best Android launcher application from the summit

The above screen when installing the application as you can see in the image, you can transfer your Action Launcher application launcher your old data first. After installation, you will slide the left hand menu you can access the applications very quickly.

Select the applications opened on the screen on the left until you can let slide by holding down your home screen so you can personalize your screen.

You create folders to group applications with a cover feature say. Google applications you put in the folder. Gmail, let’s first icon in the folder. Cove opened the folder from the menu on the corner Make your folder, click a Cover automatically dialed. In this case, this folder also appear in Gmail icon. Clicking on the icon opens Gmail, if you slide your finger on the icon opens Google applications. I think it’s a very practical feature.

Shutter feature is a feature in itself was marvelous. Android widgets display functions in conventional launcher application benefits from adding to some parts were good. Action Launcher event brought a very practical solution.

For example, the Gmail app’s widget. Gmail when you click on the icon opens a Gmail application, if you slide your finger vertically on the icon Gmail widget then opens. So, your mail when you slide your finger vertically on the Gmail application opens a small screen. After checking the Widget screen turns off automatically once you click on an empty space. Thus, it is not necessary to open the application.

When you change the wallpaper, while tinged with color on the wallpaper and applications on the screen.

Action Launcher full version £ 11.99 (Action Launcher Plus). If you want to use all the features of the application without restrictions after installation, you should upgrade to the Plus version. If you want to use your phone more practical and functional Action Launcher can offer you the best Android launcher application.

Best Android File Manager

(Download Android Es File Explorer)

Es File Explorer (Es File Manager) on the Google Play Store downloads of more than 300 million, and it deserves to enter the list of top Android apps with advanced features it offers. 2.5 million people will vote on the quality of his taking an average 4.5 out of 5 presence.

16 Category: Best Android Apps
Best Android File Manager: Es File Explorer

Es File Manager application shortly all in one application can say. You can easily perform management of all the files on your phone, you can share them with users. A lot of things that you need within your application contains.

Music Player in the phone’s memory, you can play music in or sd card. The internal as well as video playback support is also available.

Cloud: Google Drive, One Drive, Box, DropBox cloud service as it can easily integrate with Es File Explorer. Thus, both local (on your phone files) files in your cloud drive and can be controlled from a single place. The best part of this job, you can share files with your users in the cloud over smoothly Es File Explorer.

Compressed files (rar, zip), you can open and view. You can delete unnecessary files on your phone with the built-in cleaner application site.

files on your phone easily with remote management capabilities to manage the network. If I were to summarize all of these features: on your phone, in the cloud, sharing files on the network from one environment to another environment, viewing, deleting, this application does robe.

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