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49 practical information that will make life easier in your home

49 practical information that will make life easier in your home



How about 49 and very easy to learn practical suggestions to make life easier in your home? Here are practical tips and advice to make your life easier

1) If your glasses off very quickly before inserting the screw screw, insert it in the hole to enter the screw damlatın.vida colorless nail polish.

2) while squeezing your foot shoes you buy and hold them for a few minutes to steam.

3) If you want to even Scissors, sandpaper final.

4) the cigarette burns in the carpet, burns on the place of sandpaper to get rid of a circular motion.

5) Furniture you change the location of a piece of ice on the tracks to destroy traces of the trail on the carpet bırakır.b put and wait for the thaw. Later on, the vacuum cleaner will no longer have work to gezdirin.iz.

6) that control edin.açıks the vulnerable are not your zipper is closed before putting clothes in the washing machine.

7) of the cups you put on top of not sticking out into a basin of ice into the glass in koyun.üst put into the basin of hot water slowly koyun.bardak it will be easy to see.

Order your plastic and glass items of edible margarine on the label to get rid of the label pasted on the surface and with 15 minutes ovalayıp yıkayın.üzer bekletin.Bu cloth will occur no stain and scratch.

9) To facilitate making iron and ironing board under the sheath of aluminum foil to reduce ironing time will reflect back koyun.sıcag will be easier.

10) If the problem is going to be cleaned cloth shoes shoes will be like a pillowcase of koyun.kılıf into his mouth shut and washing machine in yıkayın.y Thani.

11) Ice molds to your compartment before filling with water, orange, lemon and wish that you place pieces of fruit you have acquired decorative ice.

12) If you do not keep them waiting for hours in hot water if your feet warm up very swollen, unlike your ovalayın.bilek with cologne and your feet will swell.

13) If your foot is too sensitive, warm weather if complaints are increasing, rub a few drops of olive oil every morning.

14) a night soak in cold water to pull the first wash your cotton clothes, then wash, they will draw.

15) If you do not want to harden your elbows and heels will be soft as ovun.böyle with a slice of lemon.

16) When you buy a new pan a little vinegar in the first kaynatın.b will prevent sticking to the frying pan of your future.

17) Walnut friendly for people with diabetes to reduce sugar for very yararlıdır.k olun.iç in fat cells in the brain is also recommended by experts.

18) on where you mark your wall so when you hammer a nail hammer yapıştırın.çivi cross band. So you have not cracked the plaster of the wall.

19) You can use frying oil a few times kullanabilirsiniz.kullanıl case to determine whether a slice of bread into the hot oil atın.ek are black spots does not occur.

20) a night bekletin.böyle of them in the interior of the salt water to easily open the shells of nuts will scatter.

21) To avoid having your infestation, a bay leaf into the flour jar sheep.

22) before potatoes in the oven will cook for 10-15 minutes delin.dah easy to boil and cutlery.

23) If you have a large amount to prevent sprouting in potatoes and apples for a week to shrink koyun.8 into the bag.

24) in the karıştırın.kavanoz the Grate lemon rind and sugar has used readily at hand when saklayabilirsiniz.böyle of cake in the refrigerator for a long time.

25) If you want to make an omelet fluffy, mix a teaspoon of corn flour into a tablespoon of water. The egg mixture and make additional edin.böyle think you have done a fluffy omelet.

26) After peeling the shell with garlic You always want to have it ready at hand housing by putting olive oil on your food to fill a jar edebilirsiniz.ayrı of this oil will add a different flavor to your salad.

27) easy to grate cheese, waited 15 minutes in the freezer.

28) Biscuits softened the ovens them a few minutes.

29) If you want to clean without emptying drawers for, the thin end of a hose to a vacuum cleaner.
30) over the chicken in the oven when you fry the spices you put into the koyun.böyle, it becomes more palatable.

31) Tomato paste into your rendeleyin.havuç a carrot is too sour, it will sweeten your sauce.

32) on them before cooking to make it more tasty little salt and lemon juice Put the mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes after bekletin.dah.

33) When you roast lemon chicken in the oven divided into two, while pressing down on the chicken thoroughly sürün.dig half half your yerleştirin.tavug into the chicken will be golden brown.

34) 2 tablespoons yogurt, 1 tablespoon tomato paste diluted and all over the chicken before putting it in a little olive oil in a deep pot sürün.çok karıştırın.fır will be more delicious.

35) When you put the cake in the middle of the prepared materials need to cut with a knife around the cake yok.dikiş stretch yarn carefully you will see that when you shoot properly disconnected.

36) You Prepared cake, with pulp mold for the collapse in the oven while cooking the rest until 20 minutes before putting in the oven.

37) a lump of sugar or lemon juice to lose the color of the cooked vegetables sheep.

38) Prepare your omelet pan to prevent sticking, then heated thoroughly before putting a pan on the stove and then poured the mixture into the pan oil taken kızdırın.dah and turn down the furnace of gold.

39) Do not store the sawn and stayed outdoors zararlıdır.kullan onion onion pieces have not.

40) When preparing large quantities of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, some of them to the inside of the ice cube trays yerleştirin.kokteyl kullanın.böyle of them will lose their taste watered.

41) after wrapping paper bag to dry bulbs you keep the refrigerator in the vegetable section will prevent the decay and deterioration.

42) If you do not want to lose their flavor when you reheat the chicken frying chicken pieces and boil water in a strainer and heated oturtun.buhar koyun.tencer the filters on the taste of the chicken will not lose anything.

43) the store you purchased the raw kiwi are very hard and overnight in a plastic bag with apples and pears.

44) Prepare the dough you do not want the settling of the house while you are using candied fruit cake edin.meyv amount of corn flour are added during cooking juices and concentrates on the bottom çökmez.

45) you can easily remove after cooking a strip of aluminum foil muffin koyun.böyle before pouring your dough into the center of your cake pattern.

46) Onions, garlic, lemon juice before you cut your finger you time, you will get rid of the smell you want.

47) into the oil smell of frying spread to all home at 1-2 sprigs of parsley.

48) If you smell a little vanilla or from the time you use your lights on, you smell like you will spread your oil lamp. (Do not apply too.)

49) If you can not bear to throw the finished perfume Put them in your linen closet small perfume bottles. So you make your laundry smell nice

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