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5 Minutes Excellent Summer Makeup How?

5 Minutes Excellent Summer Makeup How?



Nice to look not a season, of course. But in the summer of your skin to make a kaçınmalısınız.i from heavy makeup makeup it is very important to be in good condition. The way to achieve this is through skin necessarily to moisturize the skin.

Especially it crumpled from the heat in the summer and do not want to walk around with a withered skin, drink plenty of water and do not forget to use your moisturizer with sunscreen properties.

Here are some practical suggestions for summer makeup:

– Summer makeup would be simple, but you also need to rescue you out of bed in the image. Prepare yourself for a daily make-up bag and have the materials you need for your make-up in a short time.

– The first order of concealer, foundation stick, give the cream blush and two colored lipstick or lip gloss. a glittery eyeshadow in flesh tones will save you from the intense eye makeup. You always get brown or black mascara on your side.

– Let’s talk about the application … Follow your glittering eye shadow to your eyelids gently. Apply your concealer under the eyes. Use foundation to stick your nose and nasal environment. Then color cream blush to your cheekbones. Are you ready to start the day after coloring your lips in with a brightener.

– If you receive an invitation to bid suddenly evening. In this case, doing a little addition to your makeup, your eyes and you can refresh your makeup eyeliner using a darker and more intense blush clearer with the stylus, you can prepare for the excitement of the summer evening.

– If you want a more ambitious eyes, you can shading to dark outer corner of the eyes headlights. However, your makeup, sweating in the heat of summer you can and do not forget to thinking you’re better environment.

Write clean and light version of the Reflect on your face.

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