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6 super-step plan for skin care

6 super-step plan for skin care



How to skin care at home?

Pimples, blackheads, you should take care to skin care to get rid of the problems that marred your beauty as pale appearance. “High Heels”, the 9 steps we have a plan to prepare recommendations for a healthy skin.

  • Skin care is important in clean

Polluted air, cigarette smoke-exposed skin makeup, begin to lose their health. So maintenance cleaning of the skin is very important. Morning and evening, including two times a day to clear your skin absolutely. a proper cleansing gel on your skin, it will be a good choice to get the dirt and oil on the day. This will become very easy blackhead cleansing.

  • The removal of dead skin

At times it causes discoloration of the skin surface dead skin accumulate and skin color. You must log peeling once or twice a week depending on your needs. Alternately, you can use natural skin care mask, you can use if you want to take peels available from beauty stores.

  • Clean Makeup gently

We love make-up, but the cleaning process a bit cumbersome, is not it? But our makeup gently because the health and beauty of our skin and we have to clean these carefully. Wipe the surface of the skin before makeup with a make-up removal wipes. Then do a thorough cleaning gel.

You can use honey filtering for natural skin care.

  • Use tonic to tighten pores

Tonic is an excellent skin care products. to tighten pores both used to clean the skin deeply. In the morning your skin using a cotton ball and apply the tonic before going to sleep at night. If you want to use as a tonic natural rose water, if you like Avon, Elizabeth Arden, you can get a variety of brands like Oriflame.

  • Use serum to improve your skin

Serum which is one of a new generation of skin care products helps to improve skin defects. Regular fine lines in use, through the skin blemishes and give a youthful appearance to the skin. If you apply the serum after cleansing in the evening it is done to your skin care during the night. Tip: Once a week to drive organic honey helps your skin regeneration.

  • To meet the needs moisture

Whatever your skin type, you have to use moisturizer. Dehydrated skin remaining crack, lose color and age. Therefore, it is important to use cleaning up the skin care moisturizer. Write a water-based, you can use more intense winter moisturizers.

  • nutrition recommendations for skin care
  1. to 15 glasses of water a day.
  2. Arugula, spinach, dill eat.
  3. Avocado, eat almonds and walnuts.
  4. Walk 15 minutes every day in the open air.
  5. The habit of eating fish every week.
  6. Oil, stay away from sweets and fried food.
  7. Do not use alcohol and cigarettes.
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