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A Brief History Of Shopping Centers

A Brief History Of Shopping Centers



Today, not only in our country, all over the world, forming a very important share in the volume of trade in shopping malls, as a matter of fact, since the production and trade in human life.

The markets we know logic in ancient times fairs established in each manufacturer produces products exhibitions, trade them or via changes with other products or sold for cash. Over time it has become certain periods built-in established markets. Started getting crowded cities, now everyone can meet their basic needs because it does not have a farm and herd, they produced non-city folk that have them in Exchange for basic food needs, serve all manufactured products from the market.

Now this markets become fixed markets and Board machines to developing cities along with starting to move indoors. Thus, both the service and quality was increasing and the benches became more secure.

Increased diversification of the products and production volume of a product with serial output went into the bend with the industrial revolution in the world. Thus, for the first time in its supply, demand. But it’s the result of some goods of production achieved. It’s too spread out over large areas, the concept of one central market place in the city, County or even neighbourhood-based shopping centers. So all sorts of product in an organized format to display it under one roof, outside food and beverage to individuals who visit shopping, temples of consumption, providing cultural and social activities.

A Brief History Of Shopping Centers

1785 in St Petersburg (Russia), according to the researchers, who opened the world’s first purpose is considered arguably the established shopping centre. Because until then they established market although it closed even though the tops of over time (such as the Grand Bazaar, İstanbul) medieval buildings at serving with all the facilities. However, the name “Gostiny Dvor”, this station was totally as scheduled, a shopping center was built accordingly. 100 pieces in the central store, 53,000 square metres of covered area.

In this way, so many the first in their own country and its shopping center. 17. century and is still serving in Paris in “The Marché des Enfants Rouges”, Italy “The Burlington Arcade in London” and “The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II” in this example.

Today the concept of the shopping mall capital of the United States and 20 in. in the early first examples. In the same year, corresponding to an increase in prosperity in the United States and with the start of suburban life with a growth irresistible in front of American Organized retail industry was born. Along with the increase in car ownership is now a social activity as consumers, especially over the weekend, the whole family spend their days shopping centers, they get from the grocery store and weekly needs and clothing, culture and sport activities in shopping centres in themselves can choose the alternative offer.

A Brief History Of Shopping Centers

Today, at this point, the world’s largest shopping mall (full capacity) 6 million square meters area, located in Beijing, China with “Golden Resources Mall”. China’s great potential and will look good on an area population of Central, so-called first-fit-for-purpose 53,000 square-foot shopping center is concerned, the world is progressing this issue shows how in a short time. However, the world’s largest 8. shopping mall in Bellevue. Cevahir Mall, the largest in Europe at the same time not.

The spread of the consumer society, people’s benefits to the economy, the labor of the thousand and one win over a conversion to the monthly shopping centers have many subtopics to be transferred. However, evolving city life, given the increasing türetim ratios leave decreased in the number of shopping centers, construction opportunities that parallel to an increase in both volume and a much higher will increase numerically langro – Chemie, certainly.


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