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A great House in the throat; Beylerbeyi Palace Istanbul

A great House in the throat; Beylerbeyi Palace Istanbul



In Istanbul’s Uskudar district of Beylerbeyi district, Beylerbeyi Palace in the construction of 1861 at the request of Sultan Abdülaziz. Approximately 2500 square meters built over an area of Beylerbeyi Palace, the most well-known architect Sarkis Balyan and his brother. More of a summer palace for the Sultan’s family during the summer months is used as the Beylerbeyi Palace, heads of foreign States, and also used to entertain important guests. The Shah of Iran, King of Montenegro, the Serbian Prince, French Empress Eugenie’s important guests this model. I downloaded your throne Sultan II. Abdul Hamid in the Palace in the last six years of its life is spent from this Palace has bid farewell to the world.

A great House in the throat; Beylerbeyi Palace Istanbul

House in the garden pavilions, pools, trees, statues and literally offers a visual feast. Inside the Palace in wood carving and gold embroidery of the rarest instances are visible, the walls are decorated with items such as pictures and post. Sultan Abdülaziz, Palace interiors with personally, because of special relevance to sea some frame in the ceiling of the Palace and into the sea and ships are cartridges themes operated.

Located in the Palace harem section while the other part is more than simple arrangement. The Palace Harem, Selamlık and seat for a total of three entry doors. Beylerbeyi Palace, a total of 26 rooms and 6 rooms. Valide sultan room, dining room, reception room and Blue Hall are some of them and are worth a visit.

A great House in the throat; Beylerbeyi Palace Istanbul

Republican Period Beylerbeyi Palace

During the years of the Republic as well as in the Ottoman period the Beylerbeyi Palace as a guest of the foreign States in guests. First of all, the Shah of Iran Pahlavi came to Turkey in 1934 President Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk by Beylerbeyi Palace Colonnade. Also in 1936, the Palace has hosted the Balkan Games Festival. But in the following years, it is obvious that the importance is given to the Palace.

Beylerbeyi Palace’s Parts

Beylerbeyi Palace is a palace complex, the main house in spacious garden (Summer Palace) in conjunction with the Marble Mansion, yellow Pavillion, consists of two small sea Pavilion the Pavilion and Stables.

Marine Mansions

One of them reached adulthood, the other a Valide Sultan (Harem) built into the Sea two mansions belonging to Kiosks, attracts attention with interesting architecture. A garden gazebo Nevresm Tent mansions, this resembling mansions (new design, the new model) Kiosks with names such as.

A great House in the throat; Beylerbeyi Palace Istanbul

Set The Gardens

Beylerbeyi Palace, located on the beachfront with spectacular landscape and is a very important work. Beach Palace is one of the most distinguished of the concept model. A very large garden located in Beylerbeyi Palace is set in gardens and set extends from behind the appearance of a Woods rich with woods. These Greens spaces Sultan and his family more time during the summer months.

Marble (Serdâb) Kiosk

Sultan Mehmet Ii. Mahmud was built by Marble kiosk is an alias of Mahmoud Lodge historic Brenda learned from. Because of the marble-clad facade of the mansion of that name is known to have received.

Yellow Mansion

Beylerbeyi Palace is located on the fourth set of garden Yellow Pavilion, three-storey masonry. At the Baroque staircase and in total three-part of this structure is found in looking at pictures of the sea used as leisure.

Has The Barn Pavilion

The marble Kiosk located just beyond the great wall of the palace garden Has recently on the Stables Lodge. Sultans at this mansion was built for the maintenance of the horse culture of the Ottoman Empire, also reflects the look. Looking at the input section of the ceilings of the mansion and other animal figures. Has a pool and the Barn in twenty-two compartment has a barn.

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