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A selection of the best Android apps on Google’s year

A selection of the best Android apps on Google’s year



Google’s developer conference I / O this year and has achieved a first in the forward applications developed for Android on Google Play Awards were awarded in 2016. practice applied by Apple, so far, it can set a new standard for Android developers.

Google’s practice of selection be located no obligation published last year. Previously here list of candidates already have many years of shared space applications in our lives. One interesting note is that Google’s Share conference earlier this week, was that in the late 65 billion of the number of installations made from the Google Play Store.

the first time last year by Google Play Awards 2016 winners are listed in the following way:

Best Practice: Houzz
Best Early: World Around Me
Best Family Practice: Thinkrolls 2
Best Global Opening: Pokemon Mobile Shuffle
Best Games: Clash Royale
Most Innovative: NYT V
Material Design Best Uses: Robinhood
Best Indie Game: Alphabe
Google Play Game Services Best Uses: Table Tennis Touch
Most Outstanding Startup Hopper

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