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about Galata Tower, Turkey> Istanbul

about Galata Tower, Turkey> Istanbul



Once called the Jesus tower Galata Tower’s construction date is not known are estimated to have been built in the early AD 500’s of years. The oldest and most important work of the historical Galata tower; Romans, Venetians, Genoese and Ottoman have used for different purposes.

Before making of myths about Galata Tower and a Getting to know …

Roman and Genoese Galata Period
Galata Tower – Airborne

about Galata Tower, Turkey> Istanbul
Galata Tower – Airborne

Galata district of Istanbul Roman period were recorded as the 13th of the 14 districts and were separated in their own neighborhood. The first settlement began exactly which date unknown but it is almost certain that it was before the Romans.

When Constantine the Great died in 44.yy written he wanted to be buried in Galata. Probably at that time it was an important place here. It held in the 6th century the Roman Emperor Justinian Galata. While here in the 13th century Genoese (Genoa) colony was established. With the settlement of the Genoese Galata became an autonomous region of the Roman Empire’s control. Shipping in the Genoese came here as well that the Venetians and their trade through the port here.

So that in the 1200s the Genoese Galata, in an era when weakened Rome, turned and surrounded the area with walls. Still, warnings were demolished part of the walls were taking it seriously, but then take a step back in the same place and this time together too often, they built stone buildings. Date of the highest order instead of the surveillance, which is the main subject of our article, they built the famous Galata Tower. The name he gave them, the Tower of Christ …

Ottoman Period Galata Area
Here the Ottomans was a suburb, just as the Roman period. Istanbul’s kadılıkl managed from the 4 regions (Sura house, Eyüp, Üsküdar and Galata kadılık of) one was here. So he had to separate a woman. After the conquest of the Genoese in 1453, where they maintain the residential and commercial rights. Young Conqueror after the conquest of Istanbul by giving him the Genoese and the Venetians knew how good they can provide benefits.

Night view from the Galata Tower

about Galata Tower, Turkey> Istanbul
Night view from the Galata Tower

Nevertheless, the Ottomans were a little distant towards Galata. Both the state and the people, the Galata district until the 1800s “self” did not see too much. 80% of the population in 1600 was based on the fact that the Christian research. Galata, which existed in the campus; 70 Greek, 18 Muslims, three Europeans, had two Armenian and one Jewish neighborhood.

a forest covered with fig trees before Taksim and beyond, Sütlüce – Kasimpasa is being written in a farm full of animals that give milk. Still, it was mostly a region known for its taverns and sefirlik are here. In following centuries Pera (Beyoğlu) shone with hotels and banks.

The world’s oldest 3.metro line is also located here. January 14, 1875 and was inaugurated in Independence from Karaköy to the tunnel line has a length of 575 meters.

Galata Tower (Tower of Christ)
Galata Tower, is made by the Romans in the first 507 years, according to the estimates in its present shape in 1348, gave the Genoese. The height of approximately 70 meters and a diameter of 10 meters is down. If the weight is estimated to be 10 million tons.

Genoese tower built by the estimated 1.Anastasius, they took a sizeable Catholic cross. Jesus crucifix on the top of the tower known as the Tower before the Ottomans were indirtil by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.

Galata Tower and the Environment – Old Carpet
about Galata Tower, Turkey> Istanbul

After the conquest of Istanbul Galata Tower, the Ottoman Empire was used for different purposes. Istanbul that have occurred in 1509 “Little Apocalypse” was seriously damaged in the earthquake they called. It was repaired by the transfer of key architect Hayrettin. It translated prison during Suleiman the Magnificent. Kasimpasa prisoners working in the shipyards were kept here for a while. Towards the end of the 1500s by Lord Takiyüddin an observatory was built here. But Sultan 3.Murat later, the inhabitants of the “angels are viewed under the foot” because of reproach “there is no good in dealing with the Stars” was close by saying this place.

The first quarter of the 18th century Galata Tower, endless endless Istanbul began to be used as a watchtower against fire. Fate burned the tower itself at the end of a quirk in the same century, unfortunately. burning again before intervening half century Galata Tower 3.Sel and bay windows were added in 2.Mahmut period. 1875 is the end of the roof from a storm took place in Istanbul, we know. undergoing a restoration more Galata Tower in the Republican era, today serves as a terrace restaurant and cruising.

Galata Tower Legends
Galata Tower has featured two stories of myths: the myth about the marriage and the Maiden Tower. Alone before them, perhaps I would like to note that more of our new legend.

Professor Dr. İlber Ortaylı recently, Hezarfen Ahmed Chalabi announced that it consists of only a legend of the event to fly from the Galata Tower to Üsküdar. really ambitious statements about the information we think is true, but not so far as to assign a wild İlber teacher expressed it.

Oldest Galata Tower Legend
Located between the Galata Tower is perhaps the most interesting legends legend, it is the oldest. According to this legend, the Romans They believe that if a woman and a man, they remove the Galata Tower for the first time together, they married necessarily … But if go to the tower before one of the pair (it does not matter with someone or alone), it broke down this charm.

Galata Tower Legend of Love
If this myth is a story more legendary. According to the Galata Tower and Maiden Tower are in love with each other. but in between

Due to relentless throat attain the impossible. aspirations are increasing more by the day. Then one of those days, climbing tower Hezarfen Ahmed Chalabi, to fly from Europe to the Anatolian side. By relying on the insistence of the Galata Tower, winging taking over the tower for centuries she collects letters and leave them to the Tower of girls approached the coast of Sal. wind blown waves with the help of letters daughter reaches the tower. who understand that love is not unrequited Maiden’s Tower, it is better then the letter. In this way, the Galata Tower is also moments of love is not one-sided. they feel these feelings against each other in pairs, provides the challenge of their mutually century …

The story of Galata Walls
Finally it found very little about, and now I want to talk about the absent Galata walls. 3 black side of this wall is called in its own time Christos Sur 1 well on the sea side. Neighborhood entry and exit were made to 12 different door. 9 of them have towards the sea, lends support to Galata is a complete port city.

From beginning to end it was about 14 kilometers thought Galata walls, 10m – is estimated to have 12m height. It is known that in 1864 destroyed the last remnants.

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