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about Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality What is it?

about Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality What is it?



the return of the era we live in, thanks to developments in technology is trying to himself a little more with each passing yesterday giant companies. With growing technical structure every day, and forward-thinking employees, people were amazed to reduce machinery for many years the companies that put our lives has been working on intensively in virtual reality glasses, took place between the last time most be curious.

Virtual reality (virtual reality) actually made prepared with computer and technical, is appearing as a real environment. Most of the time a copy of a real environment, reflected in glasses prepared with this technology in computer, it is possible to obtain visual experience.

Virtual Reality Development Process
The first construction phase of the helmet television or virtual reality glasses called screen actually goes back to the 1960s. At that time, not bound per person with cables from the ceiling because it is heavy and therefore terrible that virtual reality display in terms of image, could reflect users with well due to the weak resolution of the camera image is dark and vague lines.

Television first came when the thought of this idea on since the technology’s quality highest resolution cameras and a day that has given us a day of screen size is measured by virtually grams, it is no longer a project case.
Today, the newly entered our lives virtual reality helmet, the microchip was a technology that has a high resolution camera and act seriously study results on the track after the formation of the sensor’s dream come true.

about Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality What is it?

Uses Virtual Reality
  • Fun and games

Virtual reality goggles, was attracting more attention lately fallen users with video on the Internet. The original character of the person, and he saw himself in the scenarios as if all the experiences he lived, was loved by the users find their selves in the game.

people skiing against a unique view on the high mountains, wandering virtual reality equipment with large floating or armed street in the hands of war games like winged birds out of town users found entertain yourself with interesting play each other.

  • Military drills and exercises

Soldiers of the train being used virtual reality video system, soldiers can receive serious training, as if in a war zone. Special thanks to the system that can run and marching soldiers, they’re an educated were followed as a military and psychological difficulties.

  • Health sector

Virtual reality technology is also used by the health sector, people with phobias help them overcome their fears. People with a fear of heights, the higher the climb, the product is eaten phobia phobia of insects, preferring often by patients and doctors.

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