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Adana Archaeological Museum

Adana Archaeological Museum



Adana Archeology Museum, Adana and Cukurova museum that exhibits historical artifacts. It was established in 1924. 10 are from Turkey’s oldest museum. First around the column, the column headings, and was founded by summing the sarcophagus of the police circle. Kamil Khalil Alyanakza Adana’l the appointment of the director and successful work with the beginning of Stonebridge Cafe Pasha Mosque was opened to visitors in 1928, the Madrasa. In 1950, it moved to the Ethnographic Museum in Kurukopru. Especially Tarsus / Gözlükule (1934), Mersin / Yumuktepe (1936), Ceyhan / vinegar (1938), and the heart is / Misis (1958) on the mound excavation works are exhibited at the beginning of Cilicia. Museum director Ali Riza Yalman has made enormous contributions to the enrichment of the museum.

Adana Archaeological Museum

The museum was moved to its current building on the January 5, 1972. 17 071 26 547 coins and archaeological artifacts are exhibited in the museum.

Museum Gardens:

At the entrance of the museum Hittites of Door Lions, Silifke / Taşucu and came from Uzuncaburc two Augustus statues, rich garland sarcophagus, cubes, catapults roses, inscriptions, altars and various architectural works were exhibited.

Entrance floor:

This floor stone works are exhibited. Here, from Tarsus, marble sarcophagus depicting the Trojan war are engraved high. “Achilles Lahti” is referred to by name. It also came from Augusta, Medusal sarcophagi and the rest of the Seyhan Dam Lake Karatas / from Magarsus’, in human size bronze statue of Karatas also his most appealing works of this hall.

Chronological Works Hall:

In this hall there are the first centuries of Ottoman works until the state established in Çukurova time. votive objects in the works, pottery, oil lamps, gods, goddesses, there are human and animal figures. Adana / Tepebag in “Playing the Lyre of Orpheus Mosaic” is also here.

Regional Arts Center:

This hall belongs to the Adana Museum. Here are the works and the purchase of the excavation. Rich-shaped glass pieces, Seljuk tiles and seals of various states also in this hall.

Adana Archaeological Museum

Coin, Stamp and Jewelry Shop:

Lydia seen for the first time after various periods of time and money coins, jewelry and treasures are on display in the district of Adana.
Hittite Empire period “Mountain of crystalline Sculpture it” is very interested to see here.

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