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Affordable Travel Tips for Gold

Affordable Travel Tips for Gold



fulcrum of the plan made before travel is, of course, budget. More clearly represents significant money in your pocket, if necessary. But here reserved fine detail. During your journey you are spending too much money does not mean you’ll spend time in very good shape. Of course, you must have an adequate supply. the real issue at hand here, the most intelligent and resource-efficient way to perform a full ride full use.

crazy ads of although the tourism sector, vacation in our surroundings tries to commit our minds the idea that there is a meaning after buying the package tour you stay in luxury hotels and feed our stomachs of the rich menu-driven luxury kitchen “free” travelers we it’s never that also have it and take life on discovering this planet too we showed that the cheapest way to. Here are some suggestions that foreign saving you during your stroll in your city:

1- Accommodation

Affordable Travel Tips for Gold

Things that interests you the most during your trip costs “sleep” will be. This is actually the core of our accommodation rationale to spend. Plenty of adventure and discovery in a way that we pay to wake up rested the next day, let us put the tiredness of the day. Sometimes possible standard and corresponds to affordable hotel in terms of quality. However, if you are on the trip to the holiday season and the idea of ​​the hotel you do not want to expend your money in vain to begin to look away hostel or guest room.

Hostels offer good value for the price. So they can be crowded. No problem if you do not worry about it. If you’re looking for a little more calmness usually “guest rooms”, defined as guest houses will be a logical choice. Guest houses are usually a few bedroom apartment. Reception will not. There is a communal outdoor kitchen. Bathroom and toilet are in separate rooms. These types of locations such as their homes clean and cared for by the property owner keeps operating.

Recommendation: If you rent rooms or homes in the country seeking to go from Airnbnb.co address and you can check the average price in the city.

2- Transportation

Affordable Travel Tips for Gold

The most beautiful walk. If you want to save time, however, you will need certain tools to move faster. Public transport is always cheaper. roughly the same as standard in Europe. If you prefer buying tickets, such as dual-use 24-hour or less you pay. If you are not much distance between the places you want to visit and of course you can rent a bike if the weather is favorable.

Uber can benefit from the long distance you have to use a taxi. This way you can ride without the risk of deception. Because the application, depending on the distance to go before you call the car shows up and down the price. Although many problems in Turkey lives in Uber is very popular in many American and many European countries. Urban transport people comfortably, is preferred for this application because it is safe and economical.

If you will recall that a similar application but only covering taxi cabs “MyTaxi” can benefit from the application. So really these types of applications will facilitate your work.

Recommendation: Uber MyTaxi and practices, such as offering discounts exclusively for the first trip. You can check the address Alerabat.co these opportunities available in your country. You are in when you create a membership account with promo code which you can obtain here, depending on the currency of the country you can earn up to $ 50 or free ride. (This site books, shoes and bags while shopping also I often visit to get a discount coupon.)

3- Local Navigation and Museum Views

Affordable Travel Tips for Gold

Advanced tourist information networks, which in many European cities “free city tours” are organized. English at certain times of the day, German, you can ride with the help of your guide who lectures in different languages ​​such as Spanish in a more satisfying way.

Museum is very rich in terms of Europe. However, museum entrance fees are low compared to Turkey. a day of the week in the majority of museums open to the public, so it is free. the city will go to the museum is free on the days during which you can learn in advance and plan accordingly. In this way, you can save considerably.

4- Eating & Drinking

Affordable Travel Tips for Gold This will vary according to the method of the conditions to meet the basic needs of your location and tradition. The most effective way to attract their meal costs at least “cook it yourself” method. If so cheaply in restaurants in your city that you do not have possibility to carry out “lunch” on menus. Even upscale restaurant in the evening until 12:00 noon at an affordable price “menu of the day” is on sale. Naturally, you can eat a hearty meal, you will give the money to eat a single dish.

Another alternative that will not break your budget plenty of “street taste” can be tasted in the food-truck. prices in the food truck is not certain fixed costs are lower than in the restaurant. On the other hand, the possibility still hot drinks such as coffee or tea in your accommodation expenses if you can take a minimum filling your thermos.

tourist attraction in the neighborhood of the city streets or prices generally 15% – 20% would be high. These places draw in customers because they are easily the most remarkable places in the city. They can not pay more because they know exactly that much difference in the overall price of the majority of tourists. So instead of looking to enter the street’s main square and bustling streets. Get away from the crowds. This allows you much more cheaply chance to taste more delicious food will increase.

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