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After dietary advice for weight maintenance

After dietary advice for weight maintenance



points need to pay attention you give to undo the weight by diet and exercise, nutrition and diet expert MWT. Ayse keepers explains. Listen to this advice to get re-weight, maintain your form!

Reduce your portion sizes. You can start by reducing work for this dish. Before your eyes, then fill your stomach.

Reduce the amount of fat you consume. Eat your vegetables, low-fat, meat and cook the meat from your own fat.

2 average, consume 2.5 liters of water a day, but vary from person to person. drink water constantly on the lookout to keep your metabolism and cleanse your body of toxic elements.

You receive each day and keep you under control energy spend.

Little by little, often fed. 3 main structure 2 or 3 meals. Never skip meals.

Never skip breakfast meals a day to begin accelerating metabolism.

Low energy but prefer hearty and nutritious foods.

Eat Fiber-fiber and low glycemic index foods.

After dietary advice for weight maintenance

Eat complex carbohydrates rather than simple carbohydrates. Instead of white bread, such as rye or whole wheat bread to eat.

grilled cooking method, boiled, steamed, or pan without oil, use oven cooking techniques.

Always be active.

Go on foot to the place where you can walk the distance.

choose the stairs instead of the elevator.

Park your car in the farthest place in the workplace or shopping centers.

Be careful when leaving the food shopping. The Never go shopping on an empty stomach.

Make a shopping list before you go shopping and not necessarily yourself what you have to eat and never get outside the list.

Always label the product information that you have received, read the nutritional content of the file must.

With a week to weigh the same outfit.

The sleep quality sleep. Interrupted sleep during the day will run slow your metabolism does not allow your body to rest and it will be difficult to maintain body weight.

Never abandon your habits you gain in the process of weakening.

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