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Alacati is where?

Alacati is where?



Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities of our country depends on the neighborhood known as the town of Cesme Alacati, attracts the most tourists in the region along with being the shores of the Aegean Sea, it is one of them. historic stone house in the region and is located on the beach in favorable wind surfing according to Alacati’s population is determined as approximately 8401 people. Especially in recent years, with a remarkable stone house in Alacati region of 704 square kilometers area with many on-site hotels and entertainment venues are hosting. Still known as one of the most important especially in the Aegean resort town of Alacati, most foreign tourists in the summer season is print the name as a hosted waist.

Alacati’s Famous Places and Regions

Since the time of ancient Greek viticulture and winemaking are made with the name of Izmir Alacati popular villages announcing to the world today it is tourism and impresses with its boutique hotels with different characteristics. Tourists attracted attention with the most curious song windsurfing Alacati, also are gaining in popularity here.

Alacati is where?  Which has become almost an icon Alacati homes is one of the most preferred structure in Alacati town with different architectural structures. Greeks who have come in since the time of the majority of Alaçatı houses are made recently.

A large part of the Windmill has become a symbol of Cesme Alacati, on behalf of the attractions to contribute to tourism is constantly being restored and put into service by making it different places.

Alacati is where?

One of the places mentioned in almost the heart of the Alacati Alacati town square, is one of the places they visit to see over the tourists. Alacati Square, as well as towns in which Haci Memis Aga Mosque, Dutlu Coffee and many beaches are the focus of attention of thousands of tourists every year.

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