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All Aspects of the Kaz Mountains / Balikesir Edremit Turkey

All Aspects of the Kaz Mountains / Balikesir Edremit Turkey



Kaz Mountains, located in the Edremit district of Balıkesir borders. Kaz Mountains in the northern part of the Gulf of Edremit, dividing the Aegean and Marmara Regions' Ida Mountain '' is known. This name was given to Kaz Mountain in ancient times. It has the title of the highest mountain in the Biga peninsula. Mount Ida, adopted by UNESCO in 1993 and has been under protection as a national park.

All Aspects of the Kaz Mountains / Balikesir Edremit Turkey Goose installed at the foot of many civilizations throughout history, have been destroyed. Posted closely testify Mount Ida, it has a history of 2000 years BC. Mountains on the outskirts of Thebe, Lymessos, Khrys to Kill, Anderia, Antandros was established in cities such as Astry. These cities have also witnessed the Trojan War. The size of the War destroyed these cities. Mount Ida, has been the subject of many legends and stories. Famous Homer in the Iliad, the Kaz Mountains '' Plenty of wild animals Pınarlı mother '' was mentioned as. Dig up the hillside from the foot of the sources are to go anywhere. Any time of year is to draw attention to drying of water sources in the Kaz Mountains. Kaz Mountains because of its geographical position, is in a perfect location. Immediately located beside the sea coupled with Kaz Mountains, people are fascinated with the image.

The amount of oxygen is very high. water gushing from the mountain, can be used as drinking water. When you go to dig the mountain you will meet pure beauty of nature. Will refresh your mind with the icy cold waters of the Kaz Mountains, it takes your stress with iodine smell of the sea. Many domestic and foreign tourists to visit in all seasons of the year, the Kaz Mountains. One reason for the influx of visitors in the Kaz Mountains are no doubt plenty of oxygen in the mountains. Kaz Mountains in terms of pure oxygen, are among the first three places in the world. a mountain so registered releasing in the world, who would not want to visit? In the Kaz Mountains, it has now made many archaeological studies. is based in the mountains of history long ago, many scientists are flocking to Mount Ida. Both the mineral exploration in the foothills of the mountain, before the date established in both the mountain is made a detailed examination of the oldest residential places.

Legends on Mount Ida

All Aspects of the Kaz Mountains / Balikesir Edremit Turkey It is based on the history of the mountain long ago. For this reason, it has many legends about the Kaz Mountains until today. These myths include the Greek myth, '' Iliad '' is also available. The Turkish legends circulating about the Kaz Mountains, with Sarıkız and Hasan is located Eminem's love stories. most spread myths about Kaz Mountains in no doubt that Paris is the story of the golden apple given to Aphrodite. As a result of these legends will attract the attention of a passing mention in Greek mythology. Apple is a result of the purchase of Aphrodite, the first beauty contest in the world was made in the mountain. As a result of the perceived negative and that the people of this legend Trojan War began.

Sarıkız Legend

This hill is the name given to Kaz Mountains, the highest peak. This hill is a myth circulating from language to language.

All Aspects of the Kaz Mountains / Balikesir Edremit Turkey According to legend, a Sarıkız living with her father. Sarıkız father goes on a pilgrimage. At this time, he expresses the desire of young men to talk Sarıkızl village and Sarıkız reject these requests. Sarıkız requests refusal, they remove the bad rumors about Sarıkız boys from the village. When he returns from pilgrimage Sarıkız's father, villagers turn away from his father. Because the men in the village gossip, üzüls also decides to kill his daughter. That's why the girl off the Kaz Mountains top. But he does not hand himself to kill the girl and just leave it there. Maybe the wild animals where the girl he left, says he killed when he returned to the village. But the girls always remain in the old man's mind.

When arriving travelers as the village after, they saw the assistance of a pale-haired girl and say that it has reached. Father hear about them, he thinks the girl is his daughter. Kaz Mountains, the old man sees the face of the girl and wants to make prayer thank God. for ablutions, or water from the girl. Sarıkız ibrikl to hand in, never from the neighboring stream within reach for snap lie, gets water. He understands that it has reached the girl and her father who amazed. Water that Sarıkız, in the middle of a sudden it suddenly disappeared.

Here, Sarıkız Hill is home to such a legend.

All Aspects of the Kaz Mountains / Balikesir Edremit Turkey Due to the Kaz Mountains National Park, it is as guides. Tourists can learn more about the mountain guides accompanied. Kaz Mountain is covered with chestnut and pine trees, offers you a magical air. Kaz Mountain, especially if you visit in autumn, you will see roads that are surrounded by red and yellow leaves. Walking through the mountain, where the tree will reflect you complete the forest air. While towards the summit of the mountain, steep slopes can force you slightly. This means described as the vicissitudes of the Kaz Mountains, will provide progress can surprise you. Every step you take in and you will meet a new wonder of nature. to realize that even the trees change are some of the offers you the beauty of the Kaz Mountains. Beech proceeds of the mountain they will meet fir and oak trees. Every step you take, it will remove up a little bit more above sea level. A good terms with the beauty of the sea and the greenery of the forest you can catch the same square.

Goose Mountain locals and many tourists are flocking. to discover the beauty and nature of a part of the mountain people, some of them take the road Kaz Mountain to the sport. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the amount of oxygen is very high in the Kaz Mountains. Therefore, it has an ideal air for sports. There are certain ways to walk in the mountain. It is human to walk in you both calorie-consuming, and also feel the serenity of nature. Today, many people are participating in goose fat camp established on the mountain. In certain periods companies organize tours to Kaz Mountains. If you want to you can participate in this tour. If you want to make a clean area or walk to explore the unique beauty of the mountains, tours await you.

There are many settlements in the foothills of the Kaz Mountains. In these settlements it is healing spas. The most famous of these spas, Kavurmacılar is located in the village. Goose Kavurmacılar village located at the foot of the mountains, welcomes many domestic and foreign tourists. Where you can find healing and spas, but also is a great area where you can play sports in the mountain Mount Ida.

Things to Do in Kaz Mountains

Antandros Ancient City

This ancient city is located in the Edremit district of Balıkesir. This ancient city, an ancient city near Mount Ida, especially BC 5. century, has gained importance in the Peloponnesian war.

Many excavations have been made in this city. Also in this city it is built the world's first beauty contest. Antandros are numerous tourist influx. Tourist Antandros's long-standing history, are visiting the city to see the excavations. Located here, it has attracted quite the attention of the nearly 800 year-old olive tree.

Millet Creek Nature Park

This park is located in Altinoluk Kaz Mountains. Millet creek Natural Park, the image gives the sense of peace and fresh air, literally. One of the most important features of this park is among the most oxygenated areas of the world.

Millet area around the creek Natural Park, is incorporate different types of climates. South of the Aegean Sea, north climate caused the Dardanelles types are available. those under the influence of wind, sea and mountain areas, it is also one of the best place in the northeastern valley and feel the breeze.

Millet the creek Natural Park, tea and jam made from pine fir cones are famous. When you come to this park, we advise you to taste the famous tea and jam.


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