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Art in the heart of the historic journey to Florence

Art in the heart of the historic journey to Florence



Historic buildings, famous statues, museums full of glory, tranquil river banks, bridges and towers with doyamayacağınız to look, you can take a trip in Florence.

General Information About the City

Known as the Renaissance was born in Florence, at the same time you will be a witness to history it is one of the rare cities. Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Machiavelli and Loenardo world famous artists like Da Vinci lived in the city, is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Culture, the city which has very important value in terms of art and architecture can be Gruppal explore the Italy tour.

Art and history flowing all over the city: Florence!

In this city you can stay where you look absolutely faced with a work of art or architecture that impressed. Your first stop should be a trip to Florence was Giota Tower. You can see the top of the tower can be convoluted stairs, captivated by the spectacular view of Florence.

You can also see from the tower of the Duomo Cathedral and Tuscany. Where you can admire the statue in Signoria Square, you can browse the Neptune Fountain, and Michelangelo’s famous works. Vecchio Bridge over the River Arno, is among the most important places where you need to see the streets and the San Lorenzo area of ​​antique shops.

What to eat in Florence?

This city is just art, you will not get enough at the flavor of the past. delicacies that you must eat in Florence; Florentine steak, Crostini Toscani (liver paste), Lampredotto (tripe soup) is pizza and spaghetti. restaurants where you can eat the most important flavors of Italian cuisine in general is located in the city center.

What is taken from Florence?

City to keep a souvenir from your trip to your loved ones happy shopping in Florence or, if you prefer streets for souvenirs, while costly in the famous street, you can pay less.

Here you will find such world-famous brands, you can also buy local products. Search through the streets of the city, in the antiques and works of art can get very reasonable prices.

How to have fun in Florence?

Entertainment life is moving with the seasons in Florence, you can see people from all over the world. This diversity has an impact on the Florence nightlife. Particularly in summer, places the river, a leisure club and restaurant will make your trip memorable Florence.

 When I get to Florence?

The ideal time to go to Florence, is the period between April and October. You can visit the city during these months easily, and you can enjoy the beautiful weather.

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