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Attention Spring Allergies

Attention Spring Allergies



Experts have warned some issues brought up by saying that allergic diseases of the spring.

not logged on with our weather began to warm up to March. Many people eagerly waiting for the arrival of spring, the season for the spring allergy can turn into a nightmare. Spring allergies can cause asthma and eye allergies.

In the spring to more symptoms of this disease appear, the diagnosis can be made in the most clear way again spring. Let’s talk about what is the spring allergy treatment and how it …

What are the symptoms?
– Sneezing bouts

– Nasal congestion

– Headache

– Cough

– Itching and watering of the eyes

– Itching in the throat
These symptoms are often mixed with cold, waiting is the only way to understand it. Colds short period continues for a long period if allergies.
Pulmonary allergy in spring also constitutes damage to the eyes and nose. sense of smell is more sensitive allergy sufferers. So there are measures to be taken in. These odorless products to clean the house and said to be in use unscented detergents in cleaning clothes.

Spring allergies because at the same time also makes nasal obstruction, inability to sleep comfortably at night causes remain sleepless and tired accordingly. Increasing resistance to consume foods such times, it is helpful for us.

What should be considered?

– People with allergies should not engage in dusty environments and pollen, have to be present should use the mask.

– Quit smoking if they use will be a good measure.

– Require a balanced diet.

– Should pay attention to air cleanliness of the place where to sleep.

– They should avoid feeding pets and plants.

– Household appliances can host should not use the powder.

– Synthetic products should be preferred instead of wool products.

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