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Be able to see the bionic eye

Be able to see the bionic eye



In the UK, 10 visually impaired people, to make them partial vision of the bionic eye will be installed.

Americans ‘Second Sight Medical Products’ developed by a company called Argus II and the name referred to the retinal implant for patients to be able to use the bionic eye.

Patients have to use a small computer to be mounted on a belt with glasses with cameras and transmitters.

How is it working?
Glasses-mounted camera, pulling the images to see the place where the disabled person is found, sending a small computer on the patient’s belt. Image is then transferred to the implant in the eye of the patient.

Electronic vibrations converted image is transmitted to the electrodes in the retina. The electrodes are also sending images to the brain by stimulating cells in the living retina.

bionic eye patients 10 to be installed in 2017, will be kept under supervision in order to observe how it affects the life of the implant over a year.

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