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beauty secrets that make life easier

beauty secrets that make life easier



7 to 70 each woman’s beauty, care, makeup has become an indispensable habit. Beauty salons, hairdressers, skin care centers we visit the places where most of the women.

Our aim is quite a lot of money spent on it to tell these centers as well as tricks that you will save your time and your money instead of directing you to you.

  • home beauty secrets

You want to look beautiful, but you need to go urgently prepared, right? Do not worry; closest friend ‘Globalblog.sit as’ We are with you and offer beauty secrets that simplifies life. Either way, read and keep in mind all of them carefully so you do not know where you need to be; you use it you will remember us!

  • How do you close your large pores?

After cleaning your face, apply toner to tighten pores. Choose a lean foundation. Drive your big powder brush with powder.

  • Pen with your eyes how you can shoot straight?

The nearer the mirror, eyes gently pulling outward to create a tense backdrop of your lid. Eye from the bottom of your pen to your eyelashes rub evenly.

  • What should you do after shaving the legs for flushing?

Try a bag or a thick cloth scrubs your legs before shaving.

  • Skin color socks while what should be considered?

Skin color socks secret of choice is appropriate color of socks with the color of your arm. Many women are looking tan legs appear more clearly from the other side of the leg to the body receives socks.

  • How do you prevent your lips from drying out?

Drink plenty of water and rub a little honey. Honey is not only moisturizes your skin, but also protects the skin.

  • How do you get your eyebrows beautiful?

Keep your nose over a pen at a right angle toward your eyebrow. The starting point is the point where your eyebrow pen touches the eyebrow. Learn tweezers bristles outside this area.

  • How you long lasting perfume?

Wash your shower gel with perfume. That same smell of shampoo your hair. Use the same perfume body lotion. Finally perfume your neck, rub your wrists.

  • You can decide how choosing a moisturizer?

Read the label of moisturizer. Try to understand in the material. Compare with other different brands of products. According to decide which suits your skin.

  • Hair Does the strain on your hair short nap?

to cut short your hair but your hair does not provide the quick extension ensures strong and thick to cut the ends of your hair regularly.

  • Why the same perfume smells different on everyone?

People’s body chemistry is different. Some may react to perfume. Perfume should always be tested before and after 20 minutes should decide not to purchase.

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