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Best Secrets of a Summer Makeover

Best Secrets of a Summer Makeover



On hot summer days make heavy makeup prevents the skin to breathe. Sweat mixed up, flowing causes a bad appearance to the skin. Summer makeup should be easy as well, and should relieve your skin with lightness. Sun on summer days it will increase your energy and will illuminate the twinkling above you, your skin and your makeup bag without weighing it highlights the beautiful summer makeup görünebilirsiniz.iş:

Dampen your skin

Your skin youthful and radiant appearance of your contribution to the protection of humidifying regularly every day is quite large. Summer – winter should use moisturizer cream, use a moisturizer that protects from the sun in summer biliniyor.uzm who will give better results, moistened skin in the summer, said that powdered product, which will turn off the sound. The powder used in the winter time, the darkening of the sun stays on the skin, so I prefer to use the type of bronze powder.

Magical eyes

Face of the most attractive regions of eyes, is the most important region will never neglect the makeup. Apply concealer under the eyes of distributing density and pick up the image with your fingertips around your eyes. Highlight your eyes with eyeliner. Meaning winning and highlight further strengthened the clown your point of view. Plump, water-resistant, you can complete your strong eye makeup and choosing one of mascara to your lashes to-volume. You can use the intensity you want you can use mascara for your eye shadow.

Plump lips

During the summer months you will use a gloss to make your lips must keep in the bag. Around the lips and plump for both shows will see a brightening moisturizer tasks you can complete your summer makeup clearer your lips.

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