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Blog Thread Identification, which Home Blog Should I Open?

Blog Thread Identification, which Home Blog Should I Open?



Recently, I started receiving mail from many people about how to determine the subject block. The most frequent question, “What should I open housing block?” Shape. Which can not decide that issue should block open contacts, hobbies, tried to divert the issue can participate in and enjoy the summer with expertise. When exhausting the single letter I have written this article.

In an article on the Internet to determine whether a small block search when I said, I saw that it was composed of the result of the questions and answers in the forums. I prepared a detailed content for the subject and blogger who sat on the problem of finding candidates.
and this inscription “open WordPress blog site” and “determination block subject” I explained. Waiting for your comments.

In front of us when I first started writing the blog has not experienced person to guide us. Perhaps we’ve pulled all the hardships of blog writing. line and examining the writings of foreign bloggers were trying to learn new things from them.

Returning to the present day: in 2017 to have a very experienced and successful blogger, it is a boon for those who want to blog writing. They answer all kinds of questions to ask the communications department with useful information and are trying to divert the correct candidates for new bloggers.

The steps you need to follow for Blog Writing should ask before but I will briefly outline below:

Identify Blog Topics

Even knowing the topics that interest the people he loves and still are experiencing difficulties in determining the blog topic. Here are some blogs I found the subject proposal. Maybe not in your mind by writing this occasion, but you may relish the idea of ​​a blog topic that you can write articles for blogs. Besides the issues I mentioned my humble opinion.

Technology Blog

There are so many blogs on technology, the original is also the subject of corporate firms in its principle and your current blog is hard to achieve success even. Still, if you say I’m going to blog on technology, mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions, hardware, software, internet, etc .. You can write as many articles on the subject. Internet technology on which there are dozens of original and current block. This blog will expand your horizons to pursue.

Travel / Travel Blog

I can recommend it if you love to ride and travel is a field of activity. Articles about the places you and you can see in hindsight it is easy to write on both pleasurable. You only need to write down what you see. There is also a very good example of the travel blogs. The difficulty inability to find time to visit a lot. You can evaluate your travel blog in a few categories. You can only tell your toured places in the city where you live. You can only write your domestic travels. If you are within your facility overseas trips more interesting and you see people come abroad / sightseeing where you can write.

Movie / Film Blog

If you love to watch movies and film devotes enough time to watch is a blog topic for you. Here I would like to mention a deficiency. In our country, broadcasting movies and blogs under the name does not go beyond blogs to share movie synopsis and trailer. In this regard, there is a big gap. Do your own review movies you watch, and you have a blog you describe your narrative style would be and after a short time can have an idea about what they watch which film something for people looking to read the review you wrote on the movies you watch to come to your blog to watch the movie. of people who watch the movie you are watching your content with stronger positive or negative comments.

Shopping Blog

General is also an issue that should not neglect the demand of women but men. Male or female does not matter we’re buying something in the struggle for life. Only clothing that you buy for yourself, dress, electronics, furniture, products such as white goods, your purchase process, where you get by typing the research you made when you can have a very nice blog.

Cars Blog

A subject that favor men in this regard. What man does not love the cars? Favorite cars, brands, cars and opened a blog to explain the new features. The Internet can evaluate the new car models you spend time researching, producing content for your blog. Not only cars, motorbikes, you can write in additional topics such as cycling.

Culture – Art Blog

Literature, art, theater, cinema, poetry, stories, novels is an issue for you if you are interested. You can tell the books you read, you can write to theater, poetry, share stories. Make sure there is a great lack in our country on issues of culture and arts are available.

Sports Blog

Perhaps the biggest shortcoming in one of the sports block. There are very few articles on sport by the blog author. You can do the analysis on the match you’re watching. They’re talking commentator on major television programs on match programs they watch. You leaning in on this issue, you watch the games, summer sports you can do.

Food Blog

Yet women is a blog topics of interest but may be interesting dining experiences in a male cook. Adana When a friend came home every evening in his home in the single practice and eating delicious food portraying the construction phase to phase, pull the video were published on his blog and there was a considerable followers. Women also can show off their chops on this issue. Too much food you’re overwhelmed I think that block the way to cook every woman is different. Surely it does your dishes will make a difference in style.

Old Magazines Blog

Once the blog is a kind of project but can not implement because of the shortage of time in my mind. If you have old magazines, the articles contained in this magazine, you can create a blog transferring to the web. Here you need to pay attention, you can publish the manuscript is published on the internet before. Of course, considerable for this project must have a magazine archive. I rest my late father are very magazine. magazine have forgotten the days are having to face the 1970s. I would recommend that if you have this opportunity you have or if you have such an archive.

Personal Experience Blog

It does not matter what you do the job. Just do your job just opened a blog about your experiences in your business life, you can open a blog where you can write in your experience. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, technicians, artisan, grocery store, repair shop makes no difference. Just type your experience will be enough.

What I’ve decided to blog Open House. are creating content Queue

We can add one more title to the above number so I blog topic. If you have suggestions for topics in your mind block that can contribute to the interpretation of article writing.

Select your blog topic!
Determine your writing strategy!
Relates to your blog topic Follow other blogs!
Take yourself to a specific time to write nice articles!
Original articles and write-to-date!
The articles you write articles that inform people get!
Unfamiliar / or about the trial that robust source of information on subjects you write articles!
Simply select a design and content Based on your foreground!
After fulfilling the above qualifications and requirements I listed the main topic of our article I would like to give an example about choosing blog topics:

You need to consider when choosing a blog topic you are interested in, and you will enjoy your favorite subject when writing to determine.

Example: profesyonelblog, social media, blog writing, SEO and internet technologies is block. I chose the subject because of the internet technology, and I’m webtasarim interest in the technology. I webtasarim new information learned while spending time on the Internet, we follow technological advances. I produce the original article by the end of the strategy laid down by those follow.

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