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Blogger Extension 2017

Blogger Extension 2017



Almost everyone in our country and the ideal of a website in the world, or at least are thinking of having a blog. Product promotion, advertising, or have many reason to be desired, such as content sharing blogs, can be owned by many different systems.

They come in the beginning blogger system. Blogger, defined as a content creation system in simple terms. integrated with open source system and PHP coding system instead it is defined as a block form design tool that uses XML code.

Blogger plug-ins, has worked hard to meet the expectations of the growing number of blogs every day regarding the issue. Especially to meet demands continuous updates with Blogger, try to meet the expectations of a hand that has created a new blog or to create add-ins.

Blogger, began to announce his name with a brand new plug-ins in recent days. as well as a new blogger plugins security plugins and themes include:

Blogger Google Webmaster Tools: With this console, your blog you wish, you can add the most convenient search bar for free.

Blogger, YouTube Video Equipment: This way, able to ensure optimization of the YouTube video you want and be able to direct you to the site.

Table Creation block 144 row for all the content you desire on your site or blog (series) and 166 column (columns) in size and publications will be able to create tables.

Animated Social Network Icons: With this plugin will add color to your blog, your blog will change the weather.

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