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Blue City of India, Jodhpur More Information

Blue City of India, Jodhpur More Information



India is the world’s first, then all the blue city of Jodhpur, is in India as we said earlier. the countries in South Asia, the world’s largest 7. It has the widest geographical area and population 2. The country. South Indian Okyanusu’yl to the west and east of the Arabian Sea from the Gulf of Bengal geographical terms, our country is surrounded by sea on three sides, similar to Turkey. The land neighbors west Pakistan, in northeastern China, Bhutan and Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar east. seen as a great democratic country has 28 states and union of India. Although a rapidly developing economy of poverty, malnutrition rates are high and the literacy rate is very low.

City How was turning blue?

in India, the ‘Blue City’ is also known as Jodhpur if we come to another world as if the door is opened by such a place. Located in the heart of Jodhpur in the state of Rajastan, blue accepted India as the top class Brahmanlar gets from being alive in this city. The rumor is that that is thought to cause: Too year old blue paint Brahmins have believing himself to be separated from the lower status of the houses belonging to the upper layer of society, they create for themselves. But once it was liked by many blue and blue in the house began to be preferred by everyone. Thus, the city has turned into a huge blue. Another rumor also that this rumor as well as more scientifically if we approach the issue from the fly of reason for the blue of the home and the protection from the heat.

City How can you have a society?

which is different from other parts of India Jodhpur property is a quiet and small place with about 1.5 million inhabitants. This figure is quite reasonable given that overcrowding of India.

Blue City of India, Jodhpur More Information  Is that also comes to mind as antique blue was also the first in Jodhpur furniture industry because it takes the strength of the economy is entirely here. Especially antique furniture producing region in the world here have resounded with antiques factories. Besides, very important in handmade products in trade. Silk slippers, only one of the most remarkable products. If a true gem too fond If you’re here because Blue City jewelry has been a very important case about the brand worldwide.

Let’s talk in History

To give information about the history, where crawl from the history of the most important places to be seen built in 1459 and has not even once occupied Mehrangarh Fort. This is the most beautiful scenery in the blue you can see the castle at the same time. In the past if we do not apply an almost touched. they killed the remaining men went to war before he killed their wives burned alive. They leave traces hands before going to die in a field in the castle. Of course, it is not known how true. Another place that has a prominent place outside the castle temple Jaswant Thada. The temple and fortress, as well as a summer resort Mandore Gardens also quite remarkable.

The city Which Features Featured Quits?

Spices are world renowned in this enormous place, you want to try a taste of the locals can drink lassi with a consistency similar to buttermilk, you can try a sweet syrup that jalebi. Also, if you enjoy many famous Indian henna henna can be, you can add to your enjoyment.

Legally the caste system is now in place for years experienced status differences to not find it in India is not able to remove the effects on humans. People also come to ascend up to the ministry from the substrate, they still believe in the existence of psychological oppressor and oppressed. In Jodhpur is experiencing this situation is much more severe; because the people here live in consultation with Brahman and Brahman before taking important decisions. Brahmins also provides information to those events by studying the astrological point of view.

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