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Blue Collar – What is White Collar?

Blue Collar – What is White Collar?



Blue collar and white collar: a phrase that classifies employees by the way they work. Blue-collar people refer to people who work physically, and white-collar people refer to people who work mentally. White collar – blue collar distinction is a statement and there is not the slightest difference in labor laws/workers’ rights.


White-collar workers usually have good conditions from the blue collar in terms of income, but the blue-white distinction is not made according to income

The white collar expression among the public is often used for plaza workers. Although this description is partially correct, it is not quite enough. It’s not just the plaza workers; Almost everyone who works desk-top is in the white collar class (e.g. civil servants). As we mentioned in the definition: it includes all workers who are powered by the power of the mind. So don’t imagine white collar employees just as plaza people (plaza workers) or senior managers.

The blue collar does not refer only to people who work on low incomes, work hard and never get paid for their labor, exploited by capitalism. This definition is also true, but insufficient. Can’t it be the blue collar that works four hours a day and gets five times the minimum wage? That’s ok. Let’s remember the definition of blue collar again: People who work mainly with body strength (physical jobs) are called blue collars.

White Collar and Blue Collar Employee Samples

Let’s give a few examples and wrap it up.

White collar: Civil servant, real estate sales consultant, store manager, operations manager, R&D manager, administrative staff, art director, human resources staff, CEO, etc.
Blue Collar - What is White Collar?

Blue collar: Production line employee, package service element, electrical technician, industrial maintenance repair technician, storage and shipping manager, waiter, automotive technician-technician, miner etc.
Blue Collar - What is White Collar?

Where Does Blue-White Adjective (Classification) Come From?

  • The blue collar term is used for workers who are expected to wear clothes in a color that can be quickly contaminated due to working conditions and therefore do not show dirt. example: auto mechanics usually wear blue overalls.
  • The way it works does not require contact with oil, rust, dirt; The white collar term is often used for people who work in an office environment instead of being in the field because they are predicted not to need clothes that do not show dirt.
  • It’s worth remembering again. The white-blue collar is a phrase used by the people.

Another example: “You’re a worker, you stay a worker”, the worker in the song, as seen from his overalls, blue collar ?

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