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Bozcaada is where?

Bozcaada is where?



Bozcada, north of the Aegean Sea, the province of Çanakkale, Canakkale Strait is an island at the entrance. Around the owned with 17 small islands with a surface area of ​​37.6 sq km, it is the third largest island of our country. The island is located within 12 and 12 put the nose.

Bozcaada in history, Leukophrys (Lefkofris) and was known by two names, including Tenedos. Leukophrys is a Latin word is said to mean white-snake.

because of a white snake who likened the effect of white stone in the coastal views When the download is believed that the name al. The name comes from Greek mythology Tenedos were used in Roman times.

It is said that the name comes from the island of Bozcaada, the highest break Göztepesi hill by the Turkish sailors. Because gray hills island said they gave or spoil island of Bozcaada name by Turkish sailors. The reason is the growing trees in the open part of the island appear to break the wind.

When the download is viewed that the island’s image is reminiscent of the pack, along with the name of the Bohçaa Bozcaada it is said to have used. After the Ottoman Empire domination in our country is connected with the Lausanne Treaty, which Bozcaada made on 24 July 1923 in Italy and Greece domination. From that date it was referred to by name in Bozcaada again.

Bozcaada is where?

It is concentrated in the central island in the northeast of the settlement. elevation of the island is not much. There are only a few mounds in the interior. The highest point is 192 meters Göztepesi. the island’s population, according to data from the 2014 2.754’t. This value reaches 10,000 in the summer months with the arrival of holidaymakers.

There are Turkish and Greek architecture in the island. The center of the island, Turkey (Alaybey) and Greek (Republic) and has two neighborhoods, including neighborhoods, architecture has survived from the past. All natural and archaeological sites of the island is, of all construction and repair of culture and not considered due to unplanned construction Natural Assets Protection Board inspection.

Greek streets in the neighborhood, according to the grid plan used in many of the ancient city, is usually widely known and its structure intersecting perpendicular grid system. In contrast, the Turkish neighborhood, or two-storey bay single storey stone house is located is narrow and intricate streets.

Social is also reflected in the architecture of religious and cultural buildings in the neighborhood. There is no place outside the island of Bozcaada public residential center.

Bozcaada is where?  Bozcaada is influenced by the general climate in the Mediterranean. However, the north wind is in abundance. Due to the abundance of wind, it has favorable geography with wind turbines to generate electricity. In business since 2000, with wind turbines as well as the island’s energy needs are also met in Çanakkale.

to affect tourism generated electricity is delivered to the Dardanelles with underground cables. On the other hand it has plenty of wind, providing a reduction of the moisture content is more effective in growing quality grapes. Accordingly, the island area of ​​the third is covered by the bond.

In the form of grapes and dates on the coins used in Homer’s Iliad, Evliya Çelebi’s Travels as referred to in written sources indicate that grapes have a long history in Bozcaada. Clew, Karalahna, there are four grape varieties native to the island, including Sergeant and Vasilaki.

Organic grapes are produced by organic agriculture project in a part of the bonded area. With quality wine grapes Bozcaada are also famous. Wind refreshing feature is especially loved by so much going on vacation. Local people and the livelihoods of grapes other than wine, fishing and tourism.

Island cuisine is carrying traces of the North Aegean cuisine, the main materials used in the kitchen; wild herbs, seafood, meat, olive oil and grape leaves.

Located in the island, and the frosty Habbele beach, aquarium and put Sulubahce to transport motorcycles, is provided by taxi and minibus. On the other hand, the position in which the wind turbines, particularly exhibits spectacular views at sunset.

Therefore, the only day to sunset, is held the minibus to the wind rose. Apart from that center on the island of transportation can be provided anywhere on foot.

Geyikli district of Çanakkale Geyikli Yükyeri Ferry Terminal with moving water bus and ferry transportation is available from Bozcaada. summer holiday destination because it is time for more frequent (hourly) is performed.

Hydrofoil with 19 people reached when a sufficient number of air transport between Istanbul and Bozcaada are provided. Many companies from the big cities, except in the summer it organizes expeditions Bozcaada.


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