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Bronze Protection One Ten Ways

Bronze Protection One Ten Ways



A tan on demand is increasing day by day. Nowadays, not only women, men are no longer the bronze complexion think it is tantamount to appear healthy and well-groomed. Solarium men prefer more than women. The tan as well as a permanent way to protect the greatest desire to tan lovers.

For hours in the blazing sun or a solarium entering another reason for women to look more attractive in the tanned skin of clothing worn. Especially unquestionable influence that admiration of the white dress.

Experts in recent years that the sun’s rays should be taken into consideration especially emphasizes the damage. If you follow the right steps to achieve the desired tan would be more beneficial for skin health, they say, should not be exposed to direct light of the sun. 

Healthy, glowing skin and bronze should pay attention to what

– Before you go on vacation to a body scrub to get rid of dead skin tan helps to be more prolonged
The body peeling started to be made 1 month before going on holiday and prepare the ground for a perfect tan repeated weekly.

– One of the most important points of the tanning Choosing the right sunscreen
Skin tone and texture are the most important steps to a healthy tan in the sun right to select the appropriate oil.

– It must not be a victim of direct sun thick
Sun came to earth to get out in the sun too steep which leads to burnout during lunch hours, not tanning. For this reason, 11:00 to 15:00 between the hours of sunlight should be avoided, must be obtained before noon or after sun Taking a healthy tan.

– The right to be fed to the shareholders in obtaining lasting tan
Carrots, foods such as peaches and apricots helps to achieve faster and more lasting tan pigment providing the activation of melatonin in the body.

– Take a shower with hot water in one of the biggest mistakes made
Warm water relaxes the skin facilitates peeling of the skin to take a shower with cold water in summer so it would be more accurate for those who want to achieve lasting tan.

– The right products and skin care oils
Tan nutritious carrots, apricots, hazelnuts, cocoa and almond oil to take to help nourish the skin to become permanent tan.

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