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Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods



Cancer is the most common diseases of our era, is a threat waiting in our door if we do not pay attention. The fight with our hands from getting cancer. Only regular and balanced diet, regular exercise and proper body an ideal kilos even possible to reduce the cancer rate by one-third. approximately 35-50% of cancers are caused by improper nutrition facts.

With antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables are being strengthened immune system and prevent the cancer from spreading, they are slow. The fruits and vegetables that sort of foundations are as follows


With the lycopene present in tomato, cancer protective, strengthening the immune system has a structure of anti-aging. Tomato has a fibrous structure. Firing of not losing its value. In particular, ripe tomatoes are extremely helpful.


Garlic is now for us’ is a natural antibiotic. In the fight against cancer and also has a very important place. Garlic boosts the immune system allows the flow of blood also lower cholesterol. People can not eat garlic ‘ONION’ can close this gap by eating. If you have since complained of the smell, the smell is not cooked onions and garlic you can not eat of it. You must be careful to eat the cooked state. Also garlic is beneficial to swallow intact.


other food groups are grains in the fight against cancer. Oats, wheat, vitamins they contain grains such as barley and facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body’s calcium. 1-2 tablespoons a day to consume a bowl mix together the oats, yogurt will strengthen your body as well as to speed up your digestive system against cancer will increase the resistance.


Prevent the spread of the vitamins they contain cancer cells and allows the body of toxic substances in the body. Broccoli also addresses the lack of body already. It prevents bone loss.


they contain the antioxidant retain body against cancer.  Our consumption even in minimal measures will make a significant impact in increasing your body’s resistance.

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