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Cellulite is in your hands to block

Cellulite is in your hands to block



Unfortunately, the nightmare of all women cellulite. Unbalanced diet, sleep disorders, increases cellulite factors such as alcohol.  If it becomes apparent to deal with cellulite from the body it is quite difficult. However, it can prevent the formation of cellulite you pay attention to some points in your life.

Sit upright

Continuous high-heeled dress shoes, walk or sit hump wrong, it led to the creation of conditions such as cellulite oluyor.b, affecting blood to flow backward in the veins and lymph vessels in a negative way. In particular, it leads to compression of the internal organs in the form of wrong living. Thus, toxic substances and waste products from the body does not get out quickly accumulate in tissues. If you want to get a cellulite problem, certainly, do not forget to sit upright.

Lets dance

Exercise is the best way to reduce cellulite. At least three times a week will make a 40-minute aerobic activity. Walk, ride a bike, swim, dance. When aerobic work holds tight and fit well planned and carried away the skin and the subcutaneous fat.

Stay tuned in the sun

In particular, the sun between the hours of 10:00 to 14:00. Use at least 15 kullanın.15’t high-factor sunscreen cream savers. You can benefit from tanning creams instead of sunbathing.


Make plenty of walking. Do not use the car for short distances. Elevator riding out of your habit in your life. Sure 20. If a circle on the floor. not enough to sit upright to prevent cellulite. Brisk walking hip by increasing blood flow in the region, enabling the reduction of cellulite appearance.

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