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China began to test the giant telescope!

China began to test the giant telescope!



China completed construction of the world’s largest radio telescope in the size of 30 football fields began to fast in testing.

Chinese scientists said in the 500-meter diameter telescope receives first signals from space.
Construction lasted five years and cost $ 180 million after adjusting the telescope will be completed in three years and says it will begin to serve.

Begin to test the telescope forms a part of China’s efforts to become one of the world’s most important scientific centers due to a ceremony.

China, in terms of investment in science and scientific articles published in the US followed in second place.
FAST project’s vice president Prof. Peng Bo, “Very exciting. We went out of the country for many years observations. Now we have the largest telescopes. People can not wait to use it, “he said.

Radio telescopes have been described as consisting of buyers strengthens dish to capture the electromagnetic waves.

China began to test the giant telescope!
FAST will call natural hydrogen in space, galaxies and weak pulse (instant neutron stars that emit radio waves) to detect signals and to help them life in space research.

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