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Chios (GHİLOS) Where Are They Located?

Chios (GHİLOS) Where Are They Located?



The name of the gum tree, this island, Aegean Sea. Karaburun Peninsula. Today belongs Into Greece. Measurement of 904 square kilometers Island, whose population is around 54 thousand.

Seen in Mediterranean climate on the island. 45 km from North to South, from East to West 23 km, coastline also 215 km in length. The island is divided into sections. The important thing is that the following are in place: Mesta, Anavatos, Virgin, Vessa, Valissos. Close to sixty-five villages on the island. Clean and unique beaches attract tourists. 45-minute trip to the island from the fountain. From the fountain to the naked eye even island front.

Houses made of stone. Very similar to homes in alaçatı. Is very narrow streets. All streets in the square. These shops, cafes on the square. Tourists visit the mastic villages. The villagers from trees every year 300 tons of gum Rosin from gum, toothpaste, liqueurs, bubble gum ice cream.

Chios (GHİLOS) Where Are They Located?  This fragrant, 14. and 15. Founded by Genovese, the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, has an important place for maritime trade. The Genoese have used this island as a warehouse. And this stuff was being carried Ottoman ports. They dominated the Aegean Sea during the Ottoman Empire, this is Cenevizlerin. The Ottomans started to hold back their taxes, Ottoman troops under the command of Infantry in the year 1568 Pasha conquered this island.

Today there are a large number of Churches on the island and the Ottoman mosque was built. The mosque was commissioned by Sultan Abdülmecid, the grounds will be restored. Still unclear. The Minaret of the mosque had been dismantled from further pain.


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