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Cisco Webex Costs Pricing Web Conference Solutions

Cisco Webex Costs Pricing Web Conference Solutions



With Cisco Webex conferencing solutions, anytime you want, you can make face-to-face meetings with your employees or customers.

Make real-time meetings from anywhere on the web, anytime and any device.

Cisco Webex solutions also include the Enterprise Instant Messaging solution. Give enterprise-grade instant messaging (IM) to your entire workforce and enable everyone to communicate with each other. Cisco Webex Connect client software is designed for this.

Cisco Webex Conference Solutions are divided into four main groups in-house. These are Cisco Webex Meeting Center, Cisco Webex Event Center, Cisco Webex Support Center, and Cisco Webex Training Center.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
Participants can come together in a virtual meeting room on the Internet to share presentations and collaborate on common documents.

ERP or CRM training, product demos, sales presentations and general team meetings.
Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, UNIX and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Samsumg Galaxy)
A maximum of 1000 people can participate.

Cisco WebEx Costs Pricing
Cisco Webex Costs Pricing Web Conference Solutions

Cisco WebEx Event Center
Can use for company meetings, webinars and research
Comprehensive tools and webinars that handle all the details of the event before and after the meetings can be easily managed
Web-based events for up to 3000 people can be organized

Cisco WebEx Support Center
Unlimited real-time IT support for all users
Remote quick helpdesk can be performed
Problem solving is accelerated and customer satisfaction is enhanced
Up to 10 people can be connected in each remote support session

Cisco WebEx Training Center
Interactive, online multimedia tutorials can attract students’ attention
Capability of competence and knowledge can be measured using internal exams, polling and testing
By reducing training costs, a wider audience can be reached and the effectiveness of education enhanced
Up to 1000 people can be trained

Participation in Cisco Webex Web conferencing meetings on iPad
Cisco Webex meetings can be attended from any iPhone or iPad, if desired. This way you can talk at any Webex meeting you are invited to, whether you are out of the office, at the airport or anywhere else on the internet.

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