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Could Decoration be a Treatment Method?

Could Decoration be a Treatment Method?



Our mood is bad? Maybe the issue is where we live. Perhaps ordering a small impulse to my dynasty will be helpful in the repair of our souls.

Decoration therapy: Green, reduce blue gloominess; red, purple …

Color therapy, which has been practiced since ancient times, is extremely useful in rehabilitating depression. It is frequently used in the treatment of physical disorders.

Let’s take a look at the current colors of our Han. The faded past and faded? Using creative colors in our Han; it can be an excellent and inexpensive method to refresh our minds. The colors that cover our walls should make us feel good.

The paint multiplies the effect of the sunlight on the walls. We can choose soft colors of light blue and green to dye our walls. The greens have proven that the soft purple and deep blues have enlarged your space and reduced your gloom. Blue light calms our nerves, rests and gives peace. It has an appetizing effect of orange and red, it increases power and energy. Moral light hues inspire artistic thought and brain activity. But it is a color that needs to be used with care. Dark tones have the effect of evoking sadness and depression.

Beyond painting the walls, we can choose the colors we like in our bedding, in our furnitures, or in our decorative pillows.

Let’s open our curtains, do light therapy

According to scientific research, the direct sunlight increases the mental state and energy of the ferdin in positive manners. Being able to take more sunlight is an effective and easy way to raise our mood in the face of collapse. Of course, the most important cause of the improvement of our mood is to increase the hormones of endorphins and serotonin (the chemicals that feel good to the body) in our bodies. We can use controllable artificial light to get sunlight as well as natural. Our bedroom; we do not have to get as much light as our living room or our kitchen, because we use these rooms more as a living space and our bedrooms as we sleep. And another increase of the natural sunlight; When we take more of the sunlight in the morning, our body receives a signal to stop producing the melatonin hormone (which regulates our sleep and wake cycle) and helps us to wake up easily. So let’s keep our curtains and sun visors open.

Some give energy and life to the han

Let’s not forget the plants when we organize our spaces. The plants bring in the nature. It gives energy and life to the Han. We reduce our anxiety, our exhaustion; help our mood improve.

We can put live green leaves like croton on the edges of glass. The leaves of this plant are green with yellow vein, but they are colored with sun effect.

Proving that gardening is also therapeutic is also proving. Let’s bring the flowers in to get inspiration or create a space that gives us peace of mind in our balconies and gardens. If we can dedicate our plants a few minutes a day, we will feel more vigorous, energetic and perhaps even more delightful.

Empty door venture

The input of your Han is the transition path of positive energy. So the front of our door and the entrance should be comfortable to fit the positive energy flow. It should be clean, bright and free of things we do not want to see. There should be nothing to prevent it from opening behind the door.

I expand your space by mirror

Mirrors are very important because they make our space wider and serve as another light source. According to Feng Shui experts, the mirrors increase the energy in the room. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully whether or not to give space in the bedroom. Uncomfortable can cause me to feel sleepy and bad.

Do not put electronic goods in your bedroom

Electronic products will help us to make the most out of our bedrooms even less so that we do not have to rest more comfortably. This is very necessary for the depression. In particular, we should not forget that we should not sleep with a mobile phone.

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